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21 Delicious And Affordable Things You Need To Eat In Houston

When it comes to food, Houston has all you can dream of, and more!

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1. The queso from Torchy's Tacos

Instagram: @lonestar

"Two tacos for less than $10. They also have THE best queso. I know this because I’m a queso connoisseur."

Submitted by sweetcaroline99

2. Greek food at Niko Niko's

Instagram: @hausofcolor

"Best Greek food I’ve ever had."

Submitted by abbys4f0528960

3. Waffles from the Seabrook Waffle Company

"It’s in Seabrook, which is a suburb of Houston, but the Seabrook Waffle Company is SO. GOOD. The Monte Cristo waffle is the height of sweet and savory food combined. And they have local art on the walls for sale."

Submitted by gabyr465e7027c


5. The tacos from Tacos A Go Go

"Tacos a Go-Go is hands down one of the best taco and breakfast burrito spots, and I grew up in Houston. They aren't stingy with stuffing ingredients in, and their Diablo sause is perfection. It's around $2 a taco, and they only use fresh ingredients... You can easily have a feast for under $10!"

Submitted by Candice Darden, Facebook

6. The daiquiris, margaritas, and coladas from Frio To Go

"Frio to Go is an awesome place to get cold daiquiris, margaritas, and coladas for under $10! You can go in and grab anything you want, mix and match, or make your own drink, and even go through the drive thru! They also sell snow cones and smoothies for the whole family!"

Submitted by jacquem46d99e282


9. The hot dogs from Moon Tower Inn

Instagram: @feedmehouston

"Hot dogs made out of all kinds of meat on a delicious pretzel bun. They also have a great beer selection and are one of the few places that has good sours. They have tacos, burgers, and a mondo grilled cheese sandwich as well."

Submitted by a462917a11


13. The pretzel from Town in City Brewing Company

"My favorite is Town and City: $5.00 gets you an amazingly huge pretzel, $9.00 for Seoul Burger and tots, $14.00 gets you a whole pitcher of their beer (they have smaller cheaper options as well). Careful of going on a Sunday, they get popular on the weekends and tend to run out of beer/food options."

Submitted by marshamaec

15. The Vietnamese fries from Bar Boheme

"The best drunk food I've had in Houston has to be the Vietnamese fries at Boheme bar — a heaping pile of thin cut hot french fries covered in spicy sauces, cilantro... Just, oh my god, we will wipe them out."

Submitted by Bree Bridger, Facebook


19. Frank's Pizza

Instagram: @ldmorgan09

"Frank’s Pizza in downtown Houston is probably my favorite pizza."

Submitted by maeganw49f7e3e0c