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    The 17 American Foods I've Missed Most Since Moving To France

    Mail me some, please??

    Hi! I'm Marie. I'm French, but until last year I lived in the US. After seven years in New York City, I decided to move back home, and while I'm thoroughly enjoying being reunited with all of my favorite French foods, there are some things I've really missed eating since I left the US.

    🍿Here they are: 🍿

    1. Flamin' Hot Cheetos

    Marie Telling

    Truly the greatest American snack, IMO. I used to eat a single-serve bag of Cheetos almost every day at work — much to the dismay of my coworkers — and I have no shame or regrets. I love and miss everything about Cheetos, from their super-salty flavor to the gross orange powder they leave on your fingers. Sadly, I haven't been able to find any in France, but my friends sent me four bags all the way from the US for my birthday this year, and THAT is what I call friendship.

    2. Tater tots

    3. Ginger ale

    4. Queso

    5. Raisinets

    How I roll at the movies. Put the raisinets in the popcorn is key. #TheHobbit

    I know Raisinets are a very divisive snack, but I just love them. And I love them even more mixed with salted popcorn at the movies (in nondistancing times!). So please give Raisinets the love they deserve, because this French fan wishes she still could.

    6. American bacon

    7. Cheddar popcorn

    8. Thanksgiving food

    Taylor Miller, Marie Telling

    I don't crave turkey, which to me is super dry and overrated. What I crave are the sides: the stuffing, potato rolls, casseroles (even the sweet potato–marshmallow one) — and the PIES. We have great desserts and pastries in France, but sometimes all you really want is a slice of pecan pie.

    9. A dollar slice

    10. A classic diner breakfast

    Marie Telling

    American food is actually extremely trendy in France right now, so you'll have no trouble finding good pancakes in Paris. But because of the hype, you'll also have to wait forever for it and pay $15 for a stack of three. All I want is to walk into a random diner, order a full breakfast with a stack of pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, hash browns, and coffee, all for $10. I also want a root beer float, but that's another story.

    11. Lobster rolls

    12. Fried chicken

    13. Proper barbecue

    Marie Telling

    Good BBQ is sometimes even hard to find outside of the South in the US, so it shouldn't be a surprise that it's almost impossible to get great brisket or pulled pork in France. And if you're looking for barbecue sides, like potato salad and baked beans, you won't find them here, either.

    14. Pumpkin bread

    Marie Telling

    Sure, the pumpkin-flavored food craze that befalls America every fall borders on ridiculous. But pumpkin bread is delightful, and I wish French supermarkets would carry pumpkin puree instead of marshmallow fluff so I could still enjoy this treat at least once a year.

    15. Cheesy fries

    16. Cornbread

    17. Bagels with lox and cream cheese

    Marie Telling

    This is probably the single thing I've craved the most. A good New York bagel smothered with cream cheese and covered with lox is the best cure for any bad day, or any bad hangover. It's hard to find great bagels outside of New York (although I'll settle for a Montreal bagel), so don't get me started on French bagels, which don't even deserve to bear that sacred name.