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57 Vintage Photos Of Couples That Will Make You Believe In Love

Love is real, guys!

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Circa 1940

Chris Ware/Keystone / Getty Images

World trampolining champion Paul Luxon and his fiancee, German Ladies Champion Ute Czech. May 1973

John Minihan / Getty Images

A punk couple kissing. April 1980

Evening Standard / Getty Images
Aubrey Hart/Evening Standard / Getty Images
Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

English music hall entertainer Marie Lloyd embraces Claire Roumaine at Paddington Station on Roumaine's return from Australia. April 1913

FPG/Hulton Archive / Getty Images

A sailor leans over a picket fence and lifts his girlfriend up for a kiss. 1945.

Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

Young couple bebop dancing at Club Eleven, in New York.

Meyer Pfundt/BIPs / Getty Images

A couple dancing at a carnival in Germany.1956

Gerry Cranham / Getty Images

A soldier leaving a London railway station to re-join his unit took along a sprig of mistletoe to make sure he got his Christmas kiss. December 1939

Fox Photos / Getty Images

Members of the 3rd Women's Territorial Service, leaving Croydon station for their fortnight's training under canvas, kiss their husbands and boyfriends goodbye. August 1939

Orlando / Getty Images

A man and woman locked in a passionate embrace in New York. 1950

Keystone Features/Hulton Archive / Getty Images

A young couple pose outside the 'Club Americana', a Saturday night jazz club open from midnight until 7 a.m., London. November 1955.

Paul Thompson / Fpg / Getty Images

A group of patrons, many dressed as men in tuxedos, and some with monocles, sit, talk, laugh, and kiss, at 'Le Monocle' a famous night club for women in Paris. 1920s.

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

A man in a kilt kisses a girl in a rye field. Circa 1910.

Three Lions/Hulton Archive / Getty Images

A teenage couple holding hands on the porch of a large house, USA. Circa 1955.

Three Lions / Getty Images

Boy meets girl in the unleashed joy of the VJ Day celebration. August 1945.

John Firth / Getty Images

A couple at Scandinavia's most popular dance club, 'Nalen' in Stockholm. April 1956.

John Firth/BIPs / Getty Images
Fox Photos / Getty Images

Marguerite Radclyffe Hall, the prizewinning writer of 'The Well of Loneliness,' with Lady Una Trowbridge. August 1927

FPG/Hulton Archive / Getty Images

A sailor kisses his girlfriend. Circa 1916.

William Lovelace / Getty Images

A couple kissing in the crowd at the Isle of Wight Pop Festival. 1970.

Keystone / Getty Images

A couple kissing on board a cross channel ferry from Southend to Calais, which carried 200 twisters as part of the Festival of Twist.

Richards/Fox Photos / Getty Images

76-year-old Evan Ellis of Anglesey kissing his bride, 70-year-old Mary Ann Kinsley after their wedding at Ton Pentre, Rhondda. July 1936.

Richards/Fox Photos / Getty Images
Fox Photos / Getty Images

Mr and Mrs J Sibthorp celebrate their Golden Wedding anniversary at Romford in Greater London. April 1931.

Pictorial Parade/Archive Photos / Getty Images

A couple holds a sign "Just Married" in Japan. 1955.

Ron Henbury / Evening Standard / Getty Images

Mr Francis Gainsbury (aged 68) and his wife (aged 74) outside Barking Registry Office after their second marriage ceremony together. November 1974.

Keystone / Getty Images

A couple of young children share an affectionate peck on the cheek. 1981.

Keystone / Getty Images

85-year-old Boer War veteran Charles Rance after marrying for the first time, with his new bride 78-year-old widow Anne Howells at the Methodist Church in Plumstead. September 1960.

Dennis Oulds/Central Press / Getty Images

Comedian Mario Fabrizi and his new wife Kathleen, smiling in the back of their wedding car, Caxton Hall, London. May 1960.

Ian Tyas / Getty Images

Ivor and Marianne Collier, display their mutual adoration and taste for tattooes. 1972.

Keystone / Getty Images

Ann Packer of Great Britain, winner of the 800 metres final at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, gives her boyfriend Robbie Brightwell, captain of the British team, a big hug. She also won silver in the 400 metres.

Edward Miller / Getty Images

A woman greeting her Skymaster Aircrew husband with enthusiasm after his flight to Albania.

H. F. Davis/Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

Welsh labour politician Aneurin Bevan with his new wife, former MP Jennie Lee, shortly after their wedding, London. October 1934.