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37 Reasons Why Italy Is Actually The Worst

Please never go there!

1. If people tell you Italy is beautiful, do NOT believe them.

Eurotravel / Getty Images

Lake Como (Lombardia).

2. Italy is just the worst.

Getty Images via Thinkstock

Lecce (Puglia)

3. Seriously.

Bobbushphoto / Getty Images

Matera (Basilicata)

4. It is absolutely vile.

Poike / Getty Images

Vieste (Puglia)

5. Boring.

Getty Images via Thinkstock

Rome (Lazio)

6. And unremarkable.

Luiginifosi / Getty Images

Aeolian Islands

7. This country has literally nothing to offer.

Jaropienza / Getty Images

Montepulciano (Tuscany)

8. And I mean NOTHING.

Stevenmayatt / Getty Images

Mount Etna (Sicily)

9. The coastline is plain and uneventful.

Gbarm / Getty Images

Scilla (Calabria)

10. The beaches are crowded and ugly.

Lidian Neeleman / Getty Images

Gargano (Puglia)

11. The whole coastline is just painful to look at.

Agustavop / Getty Images

Capri (Campania)

12. Seriously, look at this!

Freeartist / Getty Images

Amalfi (Campania)

13. It's an insult to the eye.

Francesco Ricca Iacomino / Getty Images

Procida (Campania)

14. It's revolting!

Emicristea / Getty Images

Manarola, Cinque Terre (Liguria)

15. Eww.

Haveseen / Getty Images

Portofino (Liguria)

16. Gross.

Amoklv / Getty Images

Genoa (Liguria)

17. And don't get me started on the architecture.

Marco_ficili / Getty Images


18. It's all dull-looking villages.

Lianem / Getty Images

Ostuni (Puglia)

19. And soulless hamlets.

Janmiko / Getty Images

Civita di Bagnoregio (Lazio)

20. Even the sunsets are lame.

Nosfevil / Getty Images

Pacentro (Abruzzo)

21. The food and desserts are gag-worthy.

Marrakeshh / Getty Images

22. Italy's history is uneventful.

Fazon1 / Getty Images

Rome (Lazio)

23. There is literally no sight of interest anywhere.

Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

Pisa (Tuscany)

24. Its countryside is yawn-inducing.

Shaiith / Getty Images


25. The mountains are grotesque.

Zanve / Getty Images

Dolomites, Italian Alps (Trentino-Alto Adige)

26. And the volcanoes hideous.

Getty Images via Thinkstock

Etna (Sicily)

27. The whole country has no class.

Jojobob / Getty Images

Verona (Veneto)

28. And no distinction.

Oneinchpunch / Getty Images

Milan (Lombardia)

29. Turin is like a big and ugly mole in the middle of the country.

Getty Images via Thinkstock

Turin (Piemonte)

30. Bologna is the least interesting place on earth.

Nickolayv / Getty Images

Bologna (Emilia-Romagna)

31. Venice is like a big old nothing surrounded by water.

Dikoz / Getty Images

Venice (Veneto)

32. Seriously.

Fazon1 / Getty Images

Venice (Veneto)

33. And you'd have to be insane to find Florence beautiful.

Apichsn / Getty Images

Florence (Tuscany)

34. There is LITERALLY NOTHING attractive about this city.

Serrnovik / Getty Images

Florence (Tuscany)

35. And if you thought going to Sardinia would be better, well I've got news for you: Sardinia is actually the worst.

Stefano Gargiulo / Getty Images

Cala Domestica beach (Sardinia)

36. The whole country is seriously uninspiring.

Jozef Sedmak / Getty Images

Verona (Veneto)

37. Never go there.

Martinm303 / Getty Images

San Gimignano (Tuscany)

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