29 Reasons Why The Faroe Islands Should Be On Your Bucket List

    Probably the most breathtaking and underrated place on Earth.

    The Faroe Islands are a tiny archipelago located in the North Atlantic, between Scotland and Iceland.

    1. It's also one of the most spectacular and underrated places on Earth.

    2. It's as if every inch of this land were there to take your breath away.

    3. And leave you completely speechless.

    4. *Sigh*

    5. The Faroe Islands are indescribably beautiful.

    6. At any season...

    7. ...and any time of the day.

    8. And sometimes, they just look like they're straight out of a fantasy novel.

    9. Can you imagine living there?

    10. Passing by this view on your way to work?

    11. And taking an afternoon walk here every day.

    12. Seriously.

    13. SERIOUSLY.

    14. Does this place actually exist??

    15. Is this even real??

    16. The Faroe Islands are also full of super-cute Atlantic puffins.

    17. And awesome sheep!

    18. Which explains why the archipelago produces the best sweaters in the history of knitting.

    19. The type of sweaters you'll wear when you'll be walking along these cliffs.

    20. Or climbing up these beautiful hills.

    21. And the towns are beautiful too!

    22. Especially when this gorgeous setting is their backdrop.

    23. Did I mention the food? Because the Faroe Islands have some AMAZING food.

    24. So yeah, the Faroe Islands are surreal and grandiose...

    25. Wild and peaceful...

    26. Mysterious and exciting...

    27. And overall, overwhelmingly beautiful.

    28. So let's all just drop whatever we're doing...

    29. ...and book our tickets to the Faroe Islands!