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22 Food Quirks Americans Don't Realize Are Super Weird

From Easy Cheese to red velvet cake, here's what the French think is kinda strange about American food.

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2. Combining sweet potatoes and toasted marshmallows.

maucocinadetodo /

Not gonna lie, sweet potato casserole is delicious, but the concept of combining any vegetable with a melted candy is just very weird.


4. People putting a shit-ton of ice in their water, no matter the season.


It's refreshing in the summer, but why put five ice cubes in your drink in the middle of January?

7. Not getting/taking a lunch break and eating at their desks instead.

_thewanderingwolf_ /

Lunch breaks are the best, because 1) you get to take a break, 2) said break involves food. So why don't Americans take them??


8. Drinking milk with dinner.

Fpg / Getty Images

According to old Hollywood movies, Americans always have a glass of milk with their dinner. And that, my friend, is very strange.

10. And adding a ton of different flavors to their coffee.

ttimmgone /

Caramel frappuccino, peppermint mocha, gingerbread latte, pumpkin spice latte... What is wrong with just coffee?


13. Serving fried chicken with waffles and syrup.

omgaz /

At first, I wondered what kind of monster decided to pair these together. But then I tried it, and now I wonder what kind of genius decided to pair these together. But it's still WEIRD, OK?!

16. Three-liter wine bottles.

hahaha more wine, 2 three liter bottles and 1 six liter bottle #WineFreaks

You gotta admire the thirst and the dedication but Americans' love of big portions is a tad weird.



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