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22 Breathtaking City Tattoos That Will Give You Wanderlust

Express your love for your favorite city.

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1. You can declare your love for your favorite city with a minimalistic outline of its skyline. Like this one for Paris...

7. Or you could pick a more intricate design.


8. And spice it up with some color.


9. You could also frame it in a creative and beautiful way.

San Francisco

10. And give your heart to your city.

11. Or show that it is at the center of your world.

Osnabrück (Germany).

12. Dedicate a snow globe to the place of your dreams. Like this tattoo of Las Vegas...

14. Focus on your favorite monument...

The Sacré Cœur in Paris.

15. Like Cologne's cathedral...

16. And Cincinnati's music hall.

17. Or pay tribute to the most emblematic sight in your city. Like the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro...

18. The Charles Bridge and Prague's old town...

19. And Brighton's West Pier.

20. Or you can also go more abstract and proclaim your love for cities in general.

21. For their amazing architecture...

22. And their beautiful chaos.

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