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21 Things Southerners Find Pretty Weird About The North

Why aren't people obsessed with college football??

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We asked Southern BuzzFeed staffers what they found the weirdest when they moved up north. Here are their answers!


5. Strangers rarely interacting and the absence of polite conversations in checkout lines.

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"In the South, someone will call you 'pumpkin' and hold a door open for you before wishing you and your family well — only for you to realize that they are a complete stranger." —Sally Kaplan


9. That thing Northerners dare to call "barbecue."

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"If there is an open-flame outdoor cooking food of any type in the North, people say 'barbecue.' I was REAL confused at the first 'rooftop bbq' I was invited to: people grilling, like, asparagus, and no pulled pork in sight." —Liz Wasden