17 Random American Things French People Love

    We still like you guys, even after that whole freedom fries thing.

    1. The Little House on the Prairie

    2. Woody Allen movies

    3. The Young and the Restless

    4. Starbucks Coffee

    5. Paul Auster

    6. Harlan Coben

    7. Douglas Kennedy

    8. Burger King

    9. McDonald's

    10. Naming their kids after American TV show characters

    11. Barack Obama

    12. American politics

    13. 7th Heaven

    14. HBO and AMC shows

    We're not only into mediocre American TV. Shows like The Sopranos, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and Mad Men also have a cult following in France.

    Network American shows like Friends and Desperate Housewives also have a huge fan base. Seinfeld, however, never made it big.

    15. Philip Roth

    16. Jonathan Littell

    17. Jerry Lewis?