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    16 Italian Landmarks That Are Actually Crap

    Most people would tell you these places are gorgeous, but these TripAdvisor users know better.

    We kept the grammar and spelling mistakes from the original reviews in our retranscription.

    1. The Leaning Tower of Pisa: "It just looks silly."

    Getty Images / Via

    "Imagine a magician with just one trick. Or a tv with only one channel. If you find this exciting and worth a trip then go see the poorly built Leaning Tower of Pisa. (...)" Read the whole review, here.

    2. The Doge's Palace: "Lots of steps and walking."

    Getty Images / Via

    "Boring – This was very expensive to get in, a bit dull and boring, totally extravagant. Lots of steps and walking." Find the review, here.

    3. The Colosseum: "Its a ruined mess."

    Getty Images / Via

    "borring! Most over rated building in the World?!!! I really don't see what the big deal is? There are many more impressive stadiums of the ancient world that are still almost intact, being big doesn't make it better, its a ruined mess, I much prefer the other much better preserved stadidums and theatres." Find the review, here.

    4. The Ponte Vecchio: "Unattractive bridge."

    Getty Images / Via

    "Underwhelming – It's an unattractive bridge with rundown shops on either side. (...)" Read the rest of the review, here.

    5. Piazza San Marco: "Meh."

    Scott Ingram / Flickr: scingram / Via

    "Too many pigeons, they destroy everything. Can hardly see anything good besides the ocean view because of the huge amounts of pigeons." Find the review, here.

    6. The Roman Pantheon: "Really just a hole in a convex sealing..."

    Javier Castro nido / Getty Images / Via

    "...but you have to see it so you can say youve seen it. The silent, sad men standing beside the graves were imposing." Find the review, here.

    7. The Trevi Fountain: "Why?"

    Getty Images / Via

    "What is the big attraction that brings millions to this thing? I mean its just unwhelming. But, come they do. Geez." Find the review, here.

    8. The Uffizi Gallery: "Endless pictures of Jesus."

    kotog / Flickr: kotog / Via

    "Very boring – 90 minutes to get in, and then endless paintings of Jesus that all look the same. Seemed that everyone with us was ad bored as we were." Find the review, here.

    9. The Spanish Steps: "Just a flight of old steps."

    Getty Images / Via

    "It's just a flight of old steps. Way over-hyped – I don't know what so great about a flight of old steps. (...)" Read the whole review, here.

    10. The Palatine Hill: "Ugly place."

    Nuno Vilela / Flickr: lelalelini / Via

    "I really didnt like. It looks like an cemetery. You cant understand the buildings because there are just pieces or bricks and columns on the ground." Find the review, here.

    11. The Rialto Bridge: "It's just a bridge."

    Getty Images / Via

    "A bridge... – At the end of the day, it's just a bridge. (...)" Read the whole review, here.

    12. Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi: "No biggie."

    Getty Images / Via

    "Seen one, seen them all... No biggie. Just another church..." Read the whole review, here.

    13. The Faraglioni of Capri: "Just two rocks sticking out from water."

    Getty Images / Via

    "two rocks sticking out from water. overrated places – the Faraglioni, just two rocks sticking out from water." Read the whole review, here.

    14. Milan's cathedral: "Meh, very meh."

    Getty Images / Via

    "I've seen prettier cathedrals, pretty disappointing. And still amongst the prettiest of buildings in Milan which says a lot!"

    15. Saint Mark's Basilica: "Miserable and gloomy."

    Jared Vork / Flickr: jaredvork / Via

    "Never met such a grumpy bunch of workers. Long long queues blocking foot traffic in St Marks. Can't take large bags in and v hard to find where to check them in. All could do with a clean and restore!" Find the review, here.

    16. The Grand Canal: "Never again."

    Getty Images / Via

    "Venice was our third destination of Euro-trip on first week on June. Terrible experience. Canal Smells, people unhappy and unfriendly. Never again. Definitely this is my most horrible travel experience." Find the review, here.

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