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15 Things You Should Never Do When You Visit France

We're not being rude, we're just being French.

1. Thinking everything there is to see in France is in Paris.

2. In Paris, only sticking to the touristy neighborhoods...

3. And basing your whole opinion of France on those (very privileged) touristy Parisian neighborhoods.

4. Getting mad at waiters for not bringing you the check.

5. Expecting your waiter to fill your glass with water and check in on you regularly.

6. Not taking your time.

7. Eating your meals in touristy neighborhoods.

8. Only trying super-traditional French food.

9. Thinking French people eat frog legs on the reg.

10. Assuming everyone speaks English.

11. Dressing like the stereotype of a French person during your trip.

12. Assuming that the cultural bluntness is directed at you personally.

13. Wearing flip-flops in the city.

14. Taking cabs to get around.

15. Expecting to find everything open on a Sunday.

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