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    14 Cheat Sheets That'll Make You An Expert In Cooking Steak

    Make no mis-steaks.

    1. If you want to learn about the best cut of meat to buy.

    2. And all about recognizing quality meat easily.

    3. For some basic tips to get your grilling going.

    4. If you want to make your own BBQ rub but don't know where to start.

    5. If you want to try different flavors but like a bit of guidance.

    6. If you're wondering what tools you need for that perfect sear.

    7. If your cast-iron pan needs some love.

    8. If you want to try the traditional pan-roast method.

    9. Or if you want to try the cooking method that's become very popular these past few years and that many consider the best.

    10. If you want to know how the cooking time affects the level of doneness.

    11. If you prefer a more accurate way to assess how done it is.

    12. And a little trick if you don't own a food thermometer.

    13. If you want to serve your steak with some delicious flavored butter.

    14. And if you wonder which wine to pick for your perfect dinner.

    Find even more info on how to best cook steak in this video:

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