“Shit Girls Say” Made A Video Featuring Juliette Lewis. So Perfect You’ll Cringe

“Could you Turn it up?” “Could you turn it down?” “I was up at 6:30 today!” “TWINSIES!” All shit girls say. I know, I’m guilty or should I say: GUILTEEEE!!! *eye roll + shrug + smirk* Anyway, Toronto comic/fimmaking duo, Graydon Sheppard and Kyle Humphrey have nabbed Juliette Lewis and premiered a new YouTube series that aims to bring to life the popular Twitter feed @ShitGirlsSay that parodies the sometime inane and eerily redundant sayings that girls drop on the daily. Enjoy!

Shit Girls Say made a hilarious video, apparently the first of many. Featuring Juliette Lewis. So far I showed this video to 10 guys and 5 girls. The 10 out of 10 guys couldn’t watch it all the way through because it was frighteningly accurate and 5 out of 5 girls admitted to saying most if not all of the sayings referenced in the video.
I was one of those 5.
Don’t blame me, I was born with two X chromosomes.

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