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"Jeff Who Lives At Home" + Flula Borg's Sequel = Most Amazing Celebrity Interview Ever

YouTube celebrity, Flula Borg, does what he does best - be ridiculously likeable. Somehow he was invited to interview the actors from the film "Jeff Who Lives At Home" and he went for it with gusto - writing the best sequel to the film that could possibly be created. Adorable because Susan Sarandon, Jason Segal, Ed Helms and Judy Greer all play along and make it amazing. Flula Borg is a total favourite. After appearing on Nat&Marie he's been going full force with live videos and more. He's probably the coolest German on the Internet.

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Via http://Flula%20Borg%20-%20we're%20close%20like%20that.

Flula Borg doesn't really interview Susan Sarandon, Jason Segal, Ed Helms and Judy Greer more than he hijacks the interview and they are forced to act out his sequel to "Jeff Who Lives At Home" - it's awesome.

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