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15 Of The Best Toronto Mayor Kicking A Football Meme

It started with one image of Toronto's Bubba Tyrant Mayor, Rob Ford, kicking a football prior to the Metro Bowl at the venue formerly known as Skydome. Then Reddit took over and, for the first time during his reign stint in office, Toronto started to actually like seeing his face pop up in their feeds.

Where it all began. Toronto's Mayor kicking a football: / Via http://Toronto%20Star%20via%20Reddit

14. / Via http://Amberleaf%20on%20Reddit

Yo, didn't just nail the double salchow he IS the double salchow, haters!

13. / Via http://M374llic4%20on%20Reddit

Oooh Racy!

12. / Via http://crapidrawatwork%20on%20Reddit

We're off to see the wizard...

11. / Via http://grahvity%20on%20Reddit

Huzzah! It's such a jolly day amongst Hitler's Youth!

10. / Via http://methylprednisone%20on%20Reddit

I hear wedding bells.

9. / Via http://TeazleDiesel%20on%20Reddit

Someone had to take it there.

8. / Via http://franick1987%20on%20Reddit

Kick the baby!

7. / Via http://j3one%20via%20Reddit

The not funny part is Rob Ford is going to be performing in the National Ballet's annual performance of The Nutcracker.

6. / Via http://crapidrawatwork%20on%20Reddit

Rob Ford's Mortal Kombat - Meme Edition

5. / Via http://crapidrawatwork


4. / Via http://crapidrawatwork

Occupy the sole of my shoe, Haters!

3. / Via http://abbbe91%20on%20Reddit

Skyrim isn't even safe...

2. / Via http://Razzeus

Herp Derp wants to be mayor of Toronto.

1. / Via http://kentoss%20on%20Reddit

The End.

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