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TikTok Users Are Using This Bandage Hack To Get Rid Of Acne And It's So Easy

It's almost too good to be true.

In recent years, pimple patches have become a popular way to get rid of acne quickly. These little stickers zap away zits thanks to their ability to absorb pus and gunk, speeding up the healing process.

@haileybieber / Via Instagram: @haileybieber

But TikTok users found a pretty cool hack that’s based on the same idea: hydrocolloid bandages.

As Allure reports, TikTok users are sticking these bandages all over their faces and removing them the following morning to unveil clear-looking skin.


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TikTok user @may_us shared the hack in a series of videos, showing how she used Advanced Healing Hydrocolloid Bandages purchased from her local CVS.


My skin has never looked so good #hydrocolloid

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“Oh my god, it’s all just filled,” she said the morning after applying her first set of bandages. The clip had earned 11.5 million views at the time of publication.



TW: taking off gross bandages. Part 2 #hydrocolloidbandages

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Hydrocolloid bandages aren’t anything new—they’ve been used by medical professionals for various types of wound healing for years. Skinfluencer Kali Kushner posted about using them on her Instagram in 2016.

Soon other TikTokers followed suit.


i think it really helped #hydrocolloid #acne #VivaCleanHacks

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And some docs even weighed in on the app, giving their cosign.


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While some were in awe at the effectiveness of the adhesive bandages, others complained that removing them was painful. That's where actual pimple patches might come in handy.


Here’s part 2! I feel like if I left it longer it would have come off easier. I’ll be doing another with the mighty patches! Y’all are so kind! #fyp

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Plus, you can get some really cute ones — like patches shaped like flowers.

And even Hello Kitty!

Maybe it’s time to invest in some Band-Aid stock, just in case...

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