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    31 Beauty Products From Target Under $20 You'll Probably Wish You'd Known About Sooner

    Meet your new beauty BFFs.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Versed Day Maker Microcrystal Exfoliator uses microcrystalline, a plant-based, biodegradable alternative to harmful microbeads, to gently exfoliate the skin. Some reviewers praise it as a maskne treatment while others say it's a fantastic drugstore dupe for Dr. Brandt's $80 Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant. Either way, sold.

    A bottle of exfoliator on cement

    Promising review: "I was looking for an exfoliator that was free of nasty stuff and also didn't have either plastic or nuts in it for the exfoliator. I love this product. It says to use it one to two times a week, and I honestly don't need it more than that. It works so well. I'd been having problem breakouts on my chin (hello masks!) and this really helped." —Cass

    Price: $17.99

    2. Differin Adapalene Gel 0.1% Acne Treatment is a product that people with acne swear completely changed their life. It's the only FDA-approved retinoid acne treatment available without a prescription, and not only clears pimples, but helps with texture and tone.

    Three differin acne products on a plain book

    Promising review: "I am a frontline worker and throughout this pandemic year, I have had to wear a face mask for 8–12 hours a day. This, in addition to REALLY HARSH winter weather, made my skin absolutely freak out. I used to use the Clinique 3-step system (worked great), but it was not able to handle all that my face endured this past year. I started using both this Adapelene Gel and Differin Daily Face wash for about a month and my face has completely cleared up! I am 34 years old and my face is back!" —Target reviewer

    Price: $15.49

    3. e.l.f. Instant Lift Brow Pencil magically reverses the damage you did your brows during the early 2000s, when pencil-thin brows were all the rage. Plus, it's $2 — basically the same price as a taco!

    various e.l.f. makeup products against orange background

    Promising review: "This and the e.l.f clear brow gel are my all-time favorite brow products! I don’t wear any make-up besides those two products. The pencil does a great job of filling in some spots without being too harsh. My brows also last all day! The part though is the price! I have used many brow products from high-end brands that don’t work nearly as good as e.l.f products. For $2 you just can’t beat it!" —Ashley

    Price: $2 (available in five shades)

    4. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Treatment is an old-school product that has been called an acne holy grail due to its ability to deeply cleanse clogged pores and fight breakouts. All you have to do is mix the bentonite clay powder with apple cider vinegar and you have the ultimate pimple potion.

    Aztec Secret clay mask

    Promising review: "This mask is amazing. I started using it with water first and for only five minutes. I gradually increased the time and added in ACV each use. Now I keep it on for 20–25 minutes and mix it with only ACV. Your face turns red afterwards but goes away after a short while. I use it about every other week before bed. My adult acne has cleared up, discoloration and scarring are remarkably better. I wouldn’t have dreamed about going out of the house without covering up but now my skin is so much better. And the value — this tub goes a long way! I highly recommend this mask!" —Kells

    Price: $11.59

    5. Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-In Conditioning Cream destroys frizz even in high humidity — we're talking 97 percent, thanks to the presence of nourishing argan oil.

    Three Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine hair products

    Promising review: "I’ve been using this product for years on myself and my two daughters, and it makes hair so soft and it smells so good. When I use it, I can allow my hair to dry naturally, and it is more shiny with moisturized body rather than dry and frizzy for straight hair. It’s the best leave-in conditioner, especially for the price, and it lasts forever!" —Sarabug22

    Price: $2.99

    6. Thayers Witch Hazel Alcohol Free Toner – Rose Petal is part of Thayers classic toner family, but stands out on its own as a cult favorite. While the witch hazel helps fight acne and balance skin tone, the rose petals give the skin a natural dewy glow.

    Thayers facial toner next to cactus and cotton pads

    Promising review: "I could hardly wait to try this product after reading other happy reviewers. I was not disappointed! It has improved the texture of my skin. Softer with no dryness, smaller pores and reduced the bumps on chin." —Must Buy

    Price: $11.99

    7. Jason Wu Beauty Flora 9 Eyeshadow Palette may be the new kid on the beauty block, but it's already proving itself to be a must-have for any makeup kit. The vegan formula is easy to work with and the shades are versatile for any day-to-night look.

    Jason Wu eyeshadow palette surrounded by flowers

    Promising review: "I saw this recommended by Hung Vanngo in his "Bombshell Makeup Look" YouTube video. I really liked how it look on the model and decided to try. I love it! The eyeshadow is very pigmented, applies easily and the Matte Agave color palette is fantastic!" —LLKNLA

    Price: $18.49 (available in three options)

    8. Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy for Dry and Cracked Skin is one of those products that people call on for a variety of skin concerns, from extreme dryness, cracked skin, calloused heels — it even speeds up tattoo healing.

    Aquaphor next to white flowers

    Promising review: "I randomly got a small sample of this from my dermatologist to help with a scar healing. In the winter, I needed something to save my sensitive skin from potential frost burn/wind burn, etc. THIS IS A MIRACLE-WORKER! I also heard Beyoncé uses it around her eye I use it around my eye area. I've been using it every night around my eyes, around my nose (I have some slight dermatitis), on my lips and under my chin. It really does soothe my skin and keep it hydrated. Highly recommend!" —the lisst

    Price: $5.89

    9. Amie Clear & Calm Cleansing Wipes are a gift for those of us who loved the convenience of facial wipes, but hated the ecological imprint they caused. These eco-friendly wipes biodegrade in 15 days, and are gentle enough for sensitive skin.

    Hands holding Amie face wipes

    Promising review: "If you are looking for an on-the-go, convenient, effective facial wipe, this is the one for you. It does a great job at removing makeup, excess oil and dirt. Skin feels so refreshed, clean and rejuvenated after use. I love these wipes!" —Michelle1

    Price: $5.49

    10. Undone Beauty Unfoundation Light Coverage Glow Tint Foundation is a great option for anyone looking for a light, skin-like finish and not a full-coverage base. Reviewers have compared it to both Glossier Skin Tint and Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint.

    Undone beauty Tint spilled on light mauve background

    Promising review: "Great light foundation. I wanted something to just use quickly for a simple nude makeup look, and it's perfect for that. Definitely a light coverage so don't expect it to work like a complete cover foundation. My skin felt great — not cakey or oily at all." —mam

    Price: $14 (available in 10 shades)

    11. NYX Professional Makeup Bare with Me Prime Set Refresh Spray should always be on hand anytime you need to prep, refresh, or set your makeup. Aloe and cucumber extracts are infused in the formula so you're nourishing your skin with each spritz.

    Nyx Bare With Me products

    Promising review: "This is by far my favorite setting spray. It does not make you dry out or oily. Seems to really set your makeup and feels very refreshing when you first spray. Pleasant smell nothing crazy. I will continue to use this product." —tattoomama

    Price: $10.39

    12. e.l.f. Holy Hydration! Daily Cleanser is the perfect face wash if you're in dire need of something that will remove makeup and gunk without drying out your skin. In fact, it contains both ceramides and hyaluronic acid, both known to hydrate the skin and keep moisture locked in.


    Promising review: "I heard great things about this cleanser so wanted to try it. My face has dry patches this winter and this cleanser, along with the toner and moisturizer, have been helping tremendously. I have been pleasantly surprised!" —Tamrock777

    Price: $8.00

    13. Maybelline Color Sensational Ultimatte Slim Lipstick may not be a liquid matte, but it's packed with long-lasting color and lightweight. Reviewers have compared it to both MAC and Smashbox lipsticks, and say it's as comfortable to wear as a lip balm.

    Maybelline Ultimatte lipsticks

    Promising review: "Great pigment! They are very smooth, feels like chapstick. The quality is amazing for the price, honestly way better than name brands and for half the cost." —Kay

    Price: $7.89 (available in 10 shades)

    14. Pixi By Petra Correction Concentrate Brightening Peach erases evidence of sleepless nights by neutralizing dark circles thank to the inclusion of vitamins A, C, and E. Use it anywhere you need a little extra brightening.

    Jars of the cream

    Promising review: "I purchased this as an alternative to my favorite corrector by Becca. This seems to be a good option at a less expensive price. I am over 40 and always aware of concealer settling into my creases. I'm happy to report that Pixi has worn wonderfully all day on me. I almost always follow up with Tarte ShapeTape and it provides a light, barely there look." —Bostongal

    Price: $14.99

    15. Covergirl Lash Blast Clean Volume Mascara proves that a good vegan mascara with natural ingredients exists. (This used to be something that was hard to find!) Get doe-like lashes with this mascara that is free of talc, sulfates, and mineral oil and instead has moisturizing marula and argan oils.

    Covergirl lash blast mascara on cloud background

    Promising review: "This mascara is amazing. Typically I don’t like a volumizing mascara because they make my lashes clumpy and spidery, and don’t offer much in the way of length — but not this one. Not only did it make my lashes look fluttery, full, and soft, but it gave them some really nice length too. The price can’t be beat and it’s nice that’s that no animals were harmed to make this. And just for reference, I was using a mascara from Hourglass that claimed to give amazing length and didn’t deliver. This one did!" —Cocololo

    Price: $9.79 (available in four shades)

    16. Winky Lux Flower Balm Lip Stain not only looks pretty on your vanity (it contains a real chrysanthemum flower inside of it!), but it's the perfect lip product when you want a touch of color. The pH-powered formula automatically adjusts to your skin tone to create a personalized pinkish hue.

    Winky Lux lip balm against pink background

    Promising review: "Fun product that adds a nice natural color without drying or irritating my lips." —Target reviewer

    Price: $15.99 (available in two shades)

    17. CeraVe Renewing SA Cleanser has won the hearts of everyone from celebrities (Blake Lively, Olivia Wilde and Ashleigh Murray are fans) to TikTok skinfluencers. This tried-and-true face wash contains salicylic acid to help with breakouts, while ceramides help keep skin hydrated.

    Cerave SA Cleanser against blue background

    Promising review: "I started using this because my dermatologist recommended it and I’m so glad I did! My skin has never been so clear or smooth. The products that I was using before were really stripping my skin, but this always leaves my face feeling clean and soft. Highly recommend!" —Sara Beth

    Price: $9.89

    18. Bliss That’s Incredi-Peel Spa-Strength Glycolic Resurfacing Pads are a must-have if you've been searching for something to dramatically improve skin texture. These pads contain 10% glycolic acid which helps tackle fine lines as well as discoloration. The best thing? It does all that with a gentle formula so you likely don't have to worry about irritation.

    Bliss Incredi-peel packets scattered next to each other

    Promising review: "This product is a GAME-CHANGER. I’ve struggled with rosacea acne, inflammation, and large pores for literally almost my entire life. No matter what I tried, nothing even came close to helping. I tried these exfoliating wipes and I will never ever go back. After only two uses, I could see and feel a difference. Now on Day 15 my acne is gone, my inflammation is almost totally gone, and my pores are SMALL. I never write reviews but I felt too strongly about this product to not tell the world. BUY THESE!" —Target reviewer

    Price: $24.99

    19. Honest Beauty Extreme Length 2-in-1 Mascara and Lash Primer has won multiple beauty awards for its ability to lift and lengthen the eyelashes with clean ingredients at an accessible price point, giving more expensive faves from brands like Pat McGrath and Dior a run for their money.

    Three honest beauty mascaras

    Promising review: "I love that this is a clean beauty brand and an absolute gem of a product. The primer and mascara really do add some length. This product stayed put and did not make me look like a raccoon by the end of the day. It’s the kind of quality that in my opinion is hard to find, even in mascara that costs twice what this little powerhouse costs. This gave my short lashes some length and separates well (may need to run a clean spoolie or lash comb through). I wear contacts and did not have any irritation. It removed easily. I could not be happier with it!" —gigi darcy

    Price: $16.99

    20. EcoTools Makeup Brush Cleansing Shampoo will make you question why you wasted money on $20+ brush cleaners. This shampoo uses gentle, paraben-free ingredients that will clean off all the makeup from your tools, leaving them looking brand new and feeling great on your face.

    Ecotools shampoo next to makeup brush

    Promising review: "Works wonderfully! Doesn’t require a lot of product or scrubbing and wearing out the brush. Also leaves bristles in better condition than they originally were." —Haniyan

    Price: $7.99

    21. Versed Skin Soak Rich Moisture Cream is on its way to cult-favorite status. That is, if it hasn't reached it already. People love this cream, and some even say it's a very convincing dupe to La Mer. Yes, THAT La Mer! While they only share a few of the same aging-focused ingredients, like algae extract, vitamin E, and glycerin, both creams have a thick consistency that's especially great for dry skin.

    Hand holding open jar of Versed Skin Soak cream

    Promising review: "A friend recommended this to me when I told her I have super sensitive and dry skin. I’ve been using it daily for six weeks now and I have no plans to stop using it. It’s so moisturizing but my skin never feels sticky after! I love layering it with their HA booster serum (Colorado climate sucks the life outta already dry skin) and my skin feels so soft and almost bouncy all day! I use morning and night with no issues at all. Almost everything makes my skin burn and break out in red blotches so I was so relieved to finally find something that works!" —h0neycat

    Price: $17.99

    22. Biore Charcoal Whipped Detox Face Mask compares to BeautyCounter's $50 Counter + Charcoal Facial Mask as they both draw out breakouts and can gently exfoliate dead skin cells due to the salicylic acid element. If your skin needs to be cleansed in the waters of Lake Minnetonka, this is highly recommended. (At less than $8, it's worth a shot.)

    Collage of four Biore Charcoal skin products

    Promising review: "I loved this product and am planning to buy more. I gave this to my friend and now we both only buy it. It has charcoal and feels refreshing after washing off. This face mask is one of my favorites!" —fmoreno2

    Price: $7.59

    23. Weleda Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream will be your savior this winter and beyond. There’s a reason why this multi-purpose moisturizer gets such good reviews and is loved by everyone from Priyanka Chopra to Instagram influencers. It has botanical extracts made from organic chamomile, calendula, and wild pansy plus nourishing sunflower and sweet almond oils to help hydrate the driest skin.

    Four Weleda Skin Food products next to Eucalyptus

    Promising review: "I really like this cream. I have combination skin, but I felt that this winter my skin needed more hydration, especially under my eyes. I tried many creams until I found this one. I have to say it feels sticky kinda like Vaseline when you apply it, but this is a minor thing compared to what it does to your face. After a few minutes, when it absorbs, your skin feels AMAZING! So moisturized and looks like perfect, glowy skin. It didn’t break me out! I would say it's definitely a must-have during wintertime." —Meredith

    Price: $18.99

    24. NYX Professional Makeup Brow Glue Stick fluffs up brows, making them feel thicker while also keeping them in place, Reviewers are comparing it to the Anastastia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze, but like it even better because it doesn't make your brows feel stiff.

    Collage of NYX Brow Glue against blue background

    Promising review: My eyebrows are naturally thick and it gives you a very clean soap brow effect. I've been using the Anastasia brow gel for years and my brows always felt stiff. This product is very lightweight and way better than the high-end brow gel! Save your coin and buy this now. —Kehlani

    Price: $7.99

    25. Urban Skin Rx Even Tone Cleansing Bar goes above and beyond the typical cleanser. It's a 3-in-1 product that also acts as an exfoliator and a brightener, and contains key ingredients azelaic acid, kojic acid, and licorice root. Fans of the product also say that it helps with acne while preventing scarring.

    Urban Skin RX Event Tone Cleansing Bar on a vanity with earrings on top of it

    Promising review: "OMG. I'm a Brown girl (South Asian/Indian) and I have pretty bad discoloration. I randomly picked this up and it makes a huge difference! My co-workers noticed a difference a few weeks after I bought it. By the time I was finished with my first container I had clear and even skin. This is the best thing ever for a Brown girl. GET IT. I just bought my second." —Binka

    Price: $15.89

    26. Batiste Clean & Classic Original Dry Shampoo beats more expensive dry shampoos time and time again because it does exactly what it needs to do: trick people into thinking that you washed your hair. Who needs to spend money on a fancier option when you can get the real deal for just a few bucks?

    Bottle of Batiste dry shampoo on a pool chair with pool water in background

    Promising review: "You really can't go wrong with this dry shampoo — it's my go-to that I've been using for years now. I have thin, fine hair and it freshens it up without weighing it down or leaving any residue...Plus you're not going to find a better product for the price!" —Kasia

    Price: $6.49

    27. Kristin Ess The One Purple Shampoo might be exactly what you're looking for if you're trying to maintain your blonde but haven't had much luck with other purple shampoos (it's tough out there!) Blondies swear by this shampoo for rescuing their color with toning perfection. Buh-bye, brassiness.

    Collage of Kristin Ess hair products

    Promising review: "I started using this shampoo and conditioner (I’ve maybe used five times now) and the color is looking sooooo much better and even. Previously, one side was white blonde and the other side was yellow blonde, but this shampoo has really helped in such a short time, to bring the yellow blonde to the white side and the color is much more even! And you can’t beat the price! Will continue to buy this for the rest of my life! Grateful for even hair color!!!" —BS

    Price: $12

    28. ‎Sweet Chef Ginger Vitamin C Serum Shot contains ginger, which is chock-full of antioxidants that help protect skin against free radicals and fights anti-aging, while the vitamin C improves dark spots and balances skin tone. Hero status.

    Sweet Chef Ginger Vitamin C serum shot on top of ginger root

    Promising review: "This is my very first experience using a vitamin C serum and so far it's been great. Not only is this little serum so hydrating but I really feel like my skin is glowing. It's so much more even toned and my acne scarring has diminished greatly. Huge plus is that it didn't make me break out which can happen often starting out a new skincare product." —hamin

    Price: $19.99

    29. Kinky-Curly Knot Today Leave In Detangler has earned praise from fans for being a multi-purpose product and a necessity for curly-haired peeps. It can be used as both a leave-in and a normal rinse-out conditioner, and easily untangles knots and smoothes frizz without weighing curls down.

    A collage of repeated Kinky curly bottles

    Promising review: "I use this product as a conditioner and then rinse a little over half out. It’s super moisturizing, smells great, and is a really good 'Day 1 hair' treat after a wash, but also good more frequently. A little pricey for the size, but the ingredients are quality, as are the results." —J

    Price: $12.99

    30. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Face Salicylic Acid Toner Clarifying Solution is the next best thing to getting your hands on Biologique Recherche Lotion P50, the hard-to-find, luxe French exfoliating toner, that, despite smelling like garbage, has an almost mythical reputation for being a skincare gamechanger. This toner from La Roche-Posay is known to give equally impressive results, smells way better, and is less than a quarter of the cost.

    Three products from La Roche-Posay Effaclar line

    Promising review: "I have large pores and oily skin with a lot of nose blackheads. After a couple weeks of using this under my moisturizer before bed I can see an improvement. I also get small breakouts maybe once a week and I haven’t had a single one since using this." —AngtheLobster

    Price: $19.99

    31. Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin with SPF 15 is a multi-tasking foundation that controls oil (due to the presence of salicylic acid), provides full, flawless coverage AND protects from the sun with SPF. What more could you ask for?

    Revlon colorstay foundation bottles in different shades

    Promising review: "Best foundation I've come across so far that is perfect for my oily/combination skin. My face stayed put all day as it claims. Seems to cover my cheek pores fairly well in addition. Great foundation at fab price."—Target Fan

    Price: $12.49 (available in 36 shades)

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