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We Used That Viral Face App On 13 Politicians And It Will Make You Say "Nope"

Jeremy Corbyn with long blonde hair. Child Theresa May. Old Ed Miliband. So wrong. So, so wrong.

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You've probably heard that prime minister Theresa May announced last week that she would call an early general election on June 8.

You may also have heard of FaceApp, a smartphone app that lets people upload pictures of themselves or others and change their appearance. The app went viral and has taken over social media this week.

So obviously we took the two unrelated events and brought them together. What did we find? Nightmares, mostly.

1. Jeremy Corbyn

2. Theresa May

3. Tim Farron

4. Paul Nuttall

5. Ed Miliband

6. Nick Clegg

7. Philip Hammond

8. Tony Blair

9. David Cameron

10. Yvette Cooper

11. George Osborne

12. Nigel Farage

13. Nicola Sturgeon

We are deeply, deeply sorry for this post.

Marie Le Conte is a politics and media reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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