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A Tory MP Announced He Has Cancer For A Second Time

After hearing the news, MPs from all political parties tweeted at Nick Boles to wish him well.

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Conservative MP Nick Boles revealed on Wednesday morning that doctors have found a "cancerous tumour" in his head.

In a series of tweets, the former skills minister said he would soon be starting treatment at King's College Hospital, London.

The Grantham and Stamford MP was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2007 but soon recovered, and went on to win his seat in 2010.

1. Some news: doctors have found a cancerous tumour in my head. Some of you might think that explains a lot about my recent behaviour..

2. At @KingsCollegeNHS doing tests and expect to start treatment soon. I fought cancer off 9 years ago and I am sure I can do it again.

3. Annoyed I cant join the @F4GranthamHosp march on Sat. Fantastic 24/7 A&E team at Kings discovered my problem. Grantham deserves no less.

4. Huge thanks to @RobertJenrick who will attend the march on my behalf. I will keep piling the pressure on ULHT throughout my treatment.

Boles said he'd be taking a break from Twitter to focus on his recovery, but joked that parody account @GeneralBoles would keep his followers entertained.

5. Giving up Twitter until I have got this thing licked. But @GeneralBoles will keep you entertained. Wish me luck!

Following his announcement, MPs from all parties started tweeting messages of support.

@NickBolesMP We're all rooting for you and looking forward to seeing you back soon.

Very best wishes Nick. We are all here for you. You will do this.

@NickBolesMP sending you big Crouchy hugs and wishing you a speedy recovery xx

Best wishes to the wonderful @NickBolesMP - get well soon.

Thoughts & prayers are with Nick. We'll be rooting for you & fighting for @F4GranthamHosp as you have

@NickBolesMP Take care Nick, best wishes for your treatment and a speedy recovery!

@NickBolesMP @GeneralBoles best of luck Nick hoping you have a full recovery

@NickBolesMP sending you every best wish for a speedy recovery Nick. Thinking of you X

@NickBolesMP @KingsCollegeNHS sorry to hear this but very best wishes for treatment and recovery Nick.

Best wishes @NickBolesMP 4 your treatment. I'm sure world class team @KingsCollegeNHS will give u excellent care.

@NickBolesMP wishing you a speedy and full recovery - take good care of him @KingsCollegeNHS

@NickBolesMP my thoughts are with you mate - both been there, + beaten it - you will do so again

.@NickBolesMP of course all McCs wish you very best of luck, & when @RobertJenrick isn't available, happy to sub. Take care. @GeneralBoles

@NickBolesMP Nick, you've beaten it once you will do so again! All good wishes

Sorry to hear this news @NickBolesMP - all love and support, look forward to welcoming you back

Wishing you all the very best for a swift recovery.

@NickBolesMP Very best wishes Nick for a speedy treatment and recovery.

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