Nigel Farage Has A Tache And The Internet Thinks He Looks Like Other People

    Is this the Brexit Britain we were promised?

    Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage, having largely disappeared since stepping down from his role, surprisingly appeared on Russia Today, accompanied by some new and bewildering facial hair, setting Twitter alight in the process.

    Farage with a 'tache, it turns out, looks like many other people.

    He looks like former London mayor Ken Livingstone.

    Separated at birth - Nigel Farage's moustache and Ken Livingstone @Nigel_Farage

    He looks like George Constanza from Seinfeld in that episode where he feels like an out-of-work porn star.

    Nigel Farage with a moustache also looks like James Beck playing Private Joe Walker in Dad's Army.

    Farage has taken some time out to find his true self

    Or maybe he looks like Homer Simpson pretending to be Guy Incognito?

    Nigel Farage has grown a moustache. Hoping no one will recognise him ahead of a UKIP leadership bid?

    He definitely looks a bit like Alan Statham from Green Wing.

    "I'm not as green as people who were born yesterday." #greenwing #Farage

    And it is fair to say that Farage with a 'tache looks like Swiss Toni, from Swiss Toni.

    It's not as if Farage needed to look any more like a dodgy car salesman, is it. #swisstoni

    Let's all pray that the news comes back soon.

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