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8 Strong Opinions The Tories Had On National Insurance Hikes In 2015

Philip Hammond has announced a rise in national insurance for self-employed people. Here's what the Conservatives were saying on the issue at the last general election.

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This is Philip Hammond, the chancellor of the exchequer.

On Wednesday, Hammond delivered his first Budget. The most controversial announcement was a 2% increase in national insurance contributions for self-employed people.

This has upset not just self-employed people but also some Tory MPs who point out that the party promised at the last general election that it wouldn't raise taxes, including national insurance.

And during that campaign, the Tories repeatedly accused Labour of planning a national insurance hike.

1. This is then PM David Cameron attacking then Labour leader Ed Miliband over national insurance rises.

I've ruled out raising VAT. Why won't Ed Miliband rule out raising National Insurance contributions? Labour always puts up the Jobs Tax.

2. This is Cameron insisting that raising national insurance would be bad for families and the economy.

A hike in National Insurance - the Jobs Tax - would cost jobs and hit hardworking families. But Ed Miliband will not rule it out. #PMQs

3. On the same day, Treasury minister Matt Hancock added a fancy banner to the attacks on Labour.

Ed Miliband refused three times to rule out raising National Insurance. The only way to stop him is vote Conservative

4. Twenty minutes later, minister Greg Hands joined the attack.

Three times at Prime Minister's Questions today, #RedEd refused to rule out a rise in National Insurance #JobsTax

5. The Tory press office joined in, hitting out against then shadow chancellor Ed Balls.

.@Ed_Miliband refuses to rule out raising National Insurance, the tax on jobs #pmqs #SameOldLabour

6. It did it again a few weeks later.

The reality is Labour need to raise National Insurance to make their sums add up- and hard working people will pay #SameOldLabour

7. Here is then chancellor George Osborne making the Tories' own position clear.

Conservative pledge on tax: no increases in National Insurance – nor an increase in its ceiling above the higher rate threshold

8. And Cameron made it even clearer.

What our five year tax lock means for you.

But at least all this made the Budget entertaining for someone.

Not so much.....

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