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    14 Things Even The Pickiest Of Valentines Will Love

    Dare you not to keep the receipt.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Valentine's Day is right around the corner! And that means a lot of pressure to find the right thing to show your love. Fortunately for you, we'll be flooding our pages with gift guides this week, so keep an eye out for more here.

    Valentine's Day can be a lot of pressure.

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    Movies seriously set the expectations way too high.

    If you're not currently in possession of enough money to hire a plane to write a message in the sky for your partner, you can still gift them with these 14 things that they will love (and which will last much longer):

    1. These SERVD playing cards, that will give them (and you) the ability to get free rides, wriggle their way out of dinner with the in-laws or leave the boring-ass party they dragged you out to.

    Mariela Summerhays / BuzzFeed

    This card game is played over any amount of time decided on between you and your significant other β€” a week, a month, a year, what-have-you. Simply split the cards between you and your partner, then pull out the most appropriate one for any given moment. For example, I can tell you now that my husband will be keeping The Hydration Station Card in his wallet when we're next out β€” no longer can I refuse the cups of water he puts in my hands.

    Buy for $24.99 from Amazon Australia.

    2. This sweetly-illustrated Koala Love Tote Bag, which 50% of profits from go towards bushfire relief efforts.


    Months after the fires first began, Australia is still burning. Show your love for both your S.O. and our Aussie community with this pure cotton twill tote β€” featuring original artwork by Ivy Tai β€” that can be used daily, whether it be on the grocery run or commute to work or school.

    Buy for $19.99 from BuzzFeed.

    3. This Sensori + Macedon Trail Detoxifying Mist that smells like a walk in an Australian forest after rain.

    Mariela Summerhays / BuzzFeed

    This air-detoxifying mist will break down airborne toxins and odour, and replace it with a scent that, honestly, smells like ~luxury~. Hours in a concrete building can take its toll on anyone and the scent of this mist instantly transports me to an evergreen, unmistakably Aussie nature setting.

    A blend of geranium, vetiver and Aussie sandalwood, this one is for those with nature-loving partners.

    Buy 100ml for $70 from Myer.

    4. This We-Vibe Wand, which I dare literally anyone to not get hot and bothered over.

    Mariela Summerhays / BuzzFeed, Amazon

    It's quite something to look at, isn't it? A one-touch switch on the ergonomic handle acts like a dimmer, upping or turning down the intensity depending on your mood. Favourite feature? Advanced technology means that once pressed against you, the Wand immediately vibrates, then stops as it's drawn away. It is fitted with Bluetooth connectivity, which means that your partner can control it with an app β€” and two playful attachments means anyone can have a go.

    Buy for $269 from Amazon Australia.

    5. This linen, off-the-shoulder midi dress, which is pure romance.

    Mariela Summerhays / BuzzFeed, The Iconic

    The sweetheart neckline, elasticised puffed sleeves, thigh-high centre slit and fabric-covered buttons β€” it's all just so dreamy. Made of pure linen with cotton lining, it's the perfect thing to surprise your partner with before taking them on a romantic summer night date.

    Promising review: "This is my new favourite dress. I wear it to work in contrasting, bright slides β€” and at night, keep my face bare and sandals nude for the ultimate ethereal, romantic look. I get compliments on the blush colour and sweet sleeves all the time. It is linen β€” so crushes easily β€” but you get past that quickly enough for such a sweet dress."

    β€”Mariela Summerhays

    Originally $139 / Buy now for $69.50 from The Iconic.

    6. This wine aerator and decanter, which will give them the best glass of wine every time – though you just picked the bottle up from Aldi.


    This ergonomically-designed device adds the perfect amount of air into wine and removes any sediment. Simply pour wine from the bottle, through the device and into your glass. Look at you two, no longer drinking wine out of a goon bag β€” such grown ups.

    Buy for $18.99 from Amazon Australia.

    7. This Kindle Paperwhite, because they promised themselves they wouldn't scroll through their social media feeds so much on the way to work this year.


    If that GIF isn't a resounding recommendation, I don't know what is. But aside from being completely waterproof, this is the thinnest, lightest Kindle yet and it reads like paper in the sun. A single charge lasts weeks (weeks!) and gives them access to millions of titles.

    Plus, for a limited time, you can get a protective cover at 50% off with your Kindle purchase.

    Not convinced? One of our colleagues from the States wrote a whole post on it here.

    Buy for $179 from Amazon Australia.

    8. This Lush Sleepy Body Lotion, which will lull them to sleep like nothing else (short of a tranquilliser).

    @lushcosmetics / Via

    I kid you not, this lotion has changed the quality of my sleep. It's this heavenly mix of oatmeal, lavender oil, organic cocoa butter and a bunch of other natural goodness, plus it smells divine. My colleague swore up and down I would never sleep better than getting out of the shower, lathering this on, then jumping under my covers – and he was not wrong.

    Plus, Lush only purchases from suppliers that don't test on animals, so you'll feel better bulk buying this when your S.O. inevitably becomes addicted.

    Buy for $17.95 for a 95g pot from Lush.

    9. This UE Boom, which every dog and their owner has already β€” but in colours inspired by a bloody unicorn (!).


    I'd write an essay about why you should get them this portable speaker, but no doubt they've been lusting after one for a while now. 360 sound (that infamously deep bass!), it is seriously waterproof and drop proof. Like, it actually floats, so they needn't worry about it getting damaged at their next party when someone gets carried away and it inevitably goes in the pool.

    RRP $199 / Buy now for $149 from Myer.

    10. This Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart Speaker, which, in time, they will wonder how they ever did without.


    Okay, so straight up β€” I love my smart speaker so much. Like, it has become an integral part of my daily routine. I go to bed listening to ocean sounds from it; wake to an alarm set on it. I plan my outfit based on a weather forecast from it; dance to music I play from it while getting ready β€” all using voice commands.

    I can even break up a fight between my children when I hear them squabbling in another room and I'm in the middle of something β€” I just tell Alexa to broadcast my voice to the room they're in. I swear your S.O. will not regret the move over to smart home living once they've tried it.

    Buy for $79 from Amazon Australia.

    11. This LIFX Smart LED bulb, which will make it that much easier to set ~the mood~.

    @lunarsequence / Via, Amazon, @lunarsequence / Via

    Promising review: "LIFX lighting is the best purchase I've ever made β€” both for myself and as gifts for all my friends. Not only can you easily create really fun environments with lighting (party mode, relaxing mode, movie night mode), but it's also really good for things such as sleep hygiene. At 9 p.m. I turn on orange/red lighting and my body knows it's time to wind down and it's much easier to fall asleep. It's perfect if you need to switch your brain to work mode as well. There's a sleep timer, fun effects and a setting that makes the lighting react to the music you're playing! It's so easy to use and honestly, it makes being at home so much more of a VIBE."

    β€”Sohan Judge

    Buy for $88 from Amazon Australia.

    12. This beautiful French linen bedsheet set, because if you're going to be in bed all Valentine's Day (here's hoping), you might as well be comfortable.


    If you're still sleeping on polyester-cotton blend, scratchy, heat-trapping sheets, it's time to make the move to linen. Honestly, that is doing nothing for your sleep quality, skin or hair. These sheets promise to not fade and will only get softer with time β€” plus, they look a dream.

    Buy two pillow cases, a Queen-sized fitted and loose sheet for $139.99 from Amazon Australia.

    13. These gold-plated, pearl chandelier earrings from Bling Bar, which they'll want to wear on your date, and every night after.

    Mariela Summerhays / BuzzFeed, Myer

    Promising review: "I'm a big fan of statement earrings as part of an everyday outfit. I wear these with a double denim look and bare face, all the time. I love everything about this β€” the gold and pearl detail is just so decadent. Plus, considering the quality, it's so affordable β€” I buy something from Bling Bar whenever I need to gift my friends something."

    β€”Mariela Summerhays

    Buy for $55 from Myer.

    14. And finally, this smart ceramic mug that will ensure their coffee never goes cold again.


    I do not know what it's like to have a hot cup of tea. Like, I can not even fathom the sensation. Chances are your beau does not have time to sit with a mug in hand, waiting for it to reach the optimum temperature before it gets cold. Enter this ceramic mug which will keep their drink at the exact temperature they prefer, is controlled via app and sits on a charging coaster β€” ready for whenever they need a caffeine kick.

    Buy for $79.95 from Amazon Australia.

    Your partner, after receiving any/some/all of these things.

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