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    13 Little Things You Can Do To Up Your Suit Game

    Because it's still inappropriate to wear shorts to (most) weddings.

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    About a minute ago, I worked at a ~luxury~ menswear store. In between dealing with aggro customers and learning how to hem trousers, I picked up a couple of suit styling tips.


    And since I'm a woman whose wardrobe consists largely of fitted dresses, stupidly high heels and zero men's suits, I'm dumping this knowledge on you.

    So here are 13 little things you can do to up your suit game, from head to toe:

    1. Keep sunnies tucked into your outside chest pocket, one arm casually folded over to the outside.

    Instagram: @hawkersco / Via

    Instead of wearing them on your head, putting them in your chest pocket will add a touch of difference. These rounded lenses with angular frames are a good example of what to buy if you're after a classic pair that will suit several different outfits.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for: $50

    2. Replace your old school ties with some fancy knitted ones.


    Knitted ties are so effortlessly cool — no doubt why Daniel Craig wears one as 007 in Spectre. These particular ties are sold in several different colour combinations, but this one's my favourite because it has a colour to ~suit~ everything in your closet.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for: $21.40 for a set of four.

    3. Pop on a tie bar to make it look like you spent hours crafting yout perfect ~lewk~.


    Plus, they cost close to nothing!

    Buy from Amazon Australia for: $20.99 for a boxed silver, gold and black set.

    4. Throw on an oversized merino wool scarf, which can be worn any which way.


    Merino wool is so soft and is stronger than your average wool fibre. It's why so many of the fancy AF brands use it for their suits. So chuck out your polyester scarf in favour of this massive, versatile and breathable one that will keep you warm in the dead of winter and cool during the change of seasons.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for: $92

    5. Tuck a pocket square into your outside chest pocket to break up all that sameness.

    Van Heusen

    You're head-to-toe in the one colour and it's a lot. Pocket squares are an easy way to add some interest to an otherwise safe look.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for: $13.19

    6. Slide on a lapel pin to make your suit look a little bit more fancy.


    Look, I know you've probably never seen any of your mates wearing one — but that's exactly why you should. This particular pin comes in shapes like a horse, bee and fox, but honestly, you can't go past the quirkiness of the duck.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for: $13.99

    7. Replace those chunky cuff links you borrowed from your old man with contrasting-coloured silk knots.


    Both sophisticated and fun, silk knots add a punch of colour to your cuffs. These particular ones come in several different combinations, so have a browse for the ones that best pair with your shirt collection.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for: From $11.95 for five pairs in various colours.

    8. Wear a watch because nothing breaks the illusion of being a gentleman more than whipping your phone out every 10 minutes.

    Instagram: @justfeng / Via

    It doesn't have to be in black leather, although you can never go wrong with the classics. Just make sure it pairs with your individual style (and, you know, tells the time).

    Buy from Amazon Australia for: $178.88

    9. Stack bracelets on bracelets, on bracelets get the idea.


    The thing with bracelets is that they come in so many different variations. You can get braided leather, tiger eye beads, a metal bangle — there's a style to suit everyone. This particular one has a beat containing mud from the Dead Sea, which is the lowest point on Earth, and one with water from Mount Everest, which is the highest. 10% of the profits from each sale go towards charity, so all in all, it's a decent purchase.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for: $33 for a large size.

    10. Avoid the elements by investing in a brollie that isn't the least bit flimsy.


    This English-designed brollie is a best-seller on Amazon. It has a polished wood handle, opens and closes with the press of a button and looks dapper AF.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for: $26.99

    11. Use double-sided tape to shorten hems that fall too close to the floor in an emergency.


    Ideally, you'll have taken your suit to a tailor to get it perfectly fitted. If that's not the case and you don't have time to get to one, simply fold the suitable amount of fabric inside, add some double-sided tape between the fabric and iron along the crease.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for: $16.99

    12. Add a pop of colour and a cute surprise with these playful, patterned socks.


    Tbh, you could probably do with a few new pairs (white gym socks don't count). Just make sure to choose socks made from cotton (this will make them breathable and there'll be less foot odour) and that have enough spandex so they'll stay up all day.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for: From $10.99 for a pack of four pairs.

    13. And finally, invest in a pair of classic sneakers that wouldn't look out of place at your 9-5, after-work drinks or your mate's wedding.


    Look, if you're usually a rugby jersey, shorts and thongs-kinda guy, getting into a suit and shiny Oxfords may be a step too far out of your comfort zone. Luckily for you, it is now more than acceptable to wear sneakers with suits. Extra style points for having your trouser hems tailored a touch higher than is traditional.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for: From $60.26.

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