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    If You're Proudly A Cat Person, These 13 Products Are For You

    They've been chasing that bit of ribbon around for years.

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    Everyone likes to know whether you're more of a dog person or cat person, so I'd like it stated for the record:

    If you, too, lean more feline than canine, these 13 things are perfect for you.

    1. This banana peel, novelty pet bed, which has me rethinking my aversion to the average AF fruit.

    2. This laser pointer pack that will be a godsend when your cat wants to play and you don't want to move a muscle.

    3. This Cheerble Wicked Ball, which I'm definitely using to ease my guilt about leaving my cat for work during the day.

    4. This stupidly cute, plush cave that you'll want to cuddle up to almost as much as you do your cat.

    5. This dog and cat carrier, so you don't have to leave your baby at home if you need to pop to the shops.

    6. This pet carrier bag, which allows you to safely take your cat out and about β€” because ain't no way they're staying on a leash.

    7. This pet hair roller, which also comes with a complimentary grooming glove.

    8. This wall-mounted hammock, which will give your cat somewhere from which to gaze upon his dominion β€” other than your desk, directly in front of your monitor.

    9. This water fountain, because no matter how often you refresh their water bowl, they're still not tempted to finish it.

    10. This plush, foldable cat bed, which looks juuust close enough to your armchair that maybe you can take it back from them.

    11. These self-groomers, because if your cat is anything like mine, they're starting to wear down all your suede heels from all the rubbing up against them.

    12. Either of these truck-shaped, novelty cat scratchers, which turn your furry friend into the cutest damn truck driver ever.

    13. And finally, this Flip Litter Box, which comes with a reusable liner, because back in the day we used newspapers but nobody reads anymore.

    Me, forever and always.

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