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    Just 14 Things For All The Short Girls Out There

    The world sure does look different from down here.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This posture corrector, which will fix the slump you inevitably develop from sitting at your desk all day, giving you just a tiny bit more height.


    I know I'm not the only one, who at the end of a day sitting in front of the computer, feels aches and pains in my shoulders and back. Without fail, my neck has slowly inched forward and I've slouched into my chair. This FDA-approved back brace is made of a breathable material, with extra padding applied to the armpit area for extra comfort. Eventually, you will have built enough muscle strength in the new, properly aligned posture, that you'll no longer need it!

    Buy it now from Amazon Australia for $22.99+.

    2. This Squatty Potty, which will help you, well, go to the toilet better. Plus, no more feet hanging above the floor!

    Mariela Summerhays / BuzzFeed

    This simple stool promises to relax and fully open your colon for quick and easy, err, evacuation. Furthermore, you can say goodbye to symptoms of haemorrhoids, constipation and bloating.

    Read all about my experience with the Squatty Potty here.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $40.

    3. These mug organisers, which will allow you to stack cups, meaning you can utilise the bottom shelf even more (and not have to reach for the top one!)


    God bless the genius who knew we needed this. Fit twice as much in your cupboards with this adjustable coaster, which will allow you to stack cups, mugs and coasters on top of each other without fear of scuffing or scratching. Genius.

    Buy a pack of six from Amazon Australia for $27.64.

    4. This under-bed organiser, which is perfect for storing excess blankets — within reach, too, so when you need them, you won't be buried from falling layers from uppermost shelves.

    Linen neatly stored in bags under bed.

    These storage bags will not only keep your spare sheets and clothes out of the way, but they'll also keep them safe from dust and moisture, making them last longer.

    Buy a pack of three from Amazon Australia for $37.99.

    5. This phone tripod, which can be used attached to everything and anything thanks to its flexible and durable arms (because I know your arms probably aren't long enough to get everyone in the shot).

    A flexible tripod, holding a phone and attached to a branch.

    If you're the kind to baulk at the idea of asking someone to take a photo for you (and considering social distancing, you can't really can't anymore), this adjustable phone stand is a great alternative. Its foam and sturdy plastic construction makes it perfect for clinging to poles, branches or standing on flat surfaces.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $23.99.

    6. This extendable duster, because without, you'd never reach that cobweb that's been hanging out in the ceiling corner for months.


    When using this duster remember to dust from your ceiling down to avoid having to re-clean anything that falls. This microfibre duster comes on an extension pole, so you don't have to risk your life on a ladder to clean a ceiling fan. It's also super easy to clean — you just pop the duster off and give it a scrub in the sink with warm water.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $27.82.

    7. These timeless, pebble-textured, heeled boots, which paired with your favourite midi-dress or distressed denim, can be worn all year long.

    8. These high-waisted, cropped and frayed-hem Wranglers, which will make your legs look longer than they are, should you so desire.

    9. These airtight, shelf-hanging containers, which will bring your daily-use condiments down from the uppermost shelf and within reaching distance.


    Ensuring that smaller containers don't get lost among the jars and tins sitting in your pantry, this hanging storage solution is perfect for daily use condiments. The three containers are fitted with airtight lids with easy-pull tabs and hang from shelves using non-marking 3M tape.

    Buy the three-piece set from Amazon Australia for $55.

    10. This magic double-sided tape, which can be used to stick everything and anything to within your reach.


    Thanks to some special kind of wizardry, this durable, double-sided, clear tape can be used to stick almost anything to any surface. Five metres long, it can be cut to suit your needs and then — without leaving a mark — be removed, washed and used again from now until eternity.

    Read all about its wondrousness here.

    Buy for $13.50 from Amazon Australia.

    11. This magnifying makeup mirror, mounted with suction pad and LED lights, should you not be able to see yourself in the one already mounted in your rented apartment.


    This battery-operated magnifying mirror is fitted with a locking suction mount, 360° swivel and 20 LED lights, giving you the best chance of nailing that winged eye.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $38.99.

    12. And this floating shelf, should the shelves in your bathroom likewise be impossibly high.


    This shelf will suction straight onto your wall, so you don't need to deal with nails or glue attachments. It's also super lightweight, so you can store products without worrying about them falling off because they're too heavy. Oh, and don't forget about that railing, which can be used to hang a hand or face towel.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $19.97.

    13. This air cushion insole, which you can use to comfortably add inches to your height.


    I would like it stated for the record that you are perfect at the height you are. However, should you want a few more centimetres, this rubber-constructed insole is the easiest and cheapest way to do it. Insoles can be cut to fit the size of your shoe and depending on how many layers you opt for, will make you appear taller without anyone knowing any better.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $16.99+ (available in 2-4 layers).

    14. And finally, this brilliant storage solution, which makes something of that random gap between the fridge and wall, meaning your favourite snacks no longer need be out of reach.

    Clare Aston / BuzzFeed

    This slim shelf is fitted with wheels, so you can keep it tucked out of sight and bring it out when needed. It has four shelves perfect for storing spices, oils and canned food (and in my case, wine).

    Promising review: "I moved in with my partner to a beautiful one bedroom apartment about six months ago. We only had one cupboard that wasn't filled by an exhaust fan or dishwasher etc, and that was quickly filled with our plates and glassware — we ended up appropriating a huge shelf of our linen cupboard for our dry goods!

    Finally, I had enough and bought this rolling shelf to fit in the empty gap next to our fridge. It was super easy to assemble, had enough space to empty out our linen-turn-pantry shelf and ended up matching with our kitchen cupboards (go figure!). The only real down side is that the wheels aren't the best quality. I think they need to be just a touch bigger, but for the price point, I really can't complain!"

    Clare Aston

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $31.95.

    You, owning your new identity because of these things:

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