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    Updated on 14 May 2020. Posted on 14 May 2020

    21 Small Things To Get Yourself Because You're Doing Great

    It's been a rough couple of months.

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    Quite honestly, I am up to here *gestures somewhere up above the atmosphere* with this year.


    Like, honestly. Enough is enough already.

    If, like me, you're in the mood for enough retail therapy to put a sizeable hole in your savings, have a squiz at these little goodies:

    1. This brilliant drink peg, ideal for when you want to lie in the grass but have nowhere to put your bevvie.


    This simple, but brilliant invention holds a variety of glasses and bottles when stuck into the ground. You get four with your purchase, so if you don't live with anybody, feel free to use for a glass of red, white, pink and orange.

    Buy a pack of four for $14.95 from Myer.

    2. This, Pasta Grannies: The Secret's Of Italy's Best Home Cooks by Vicky Bennison — because if you're using lockdown to learn how to make pasta, it might as well be from the best of the best.

    Amazon, @pastagrannies / Via, @pastagrannies / Via

    Pasta Grannies first began as a hugely popular Youtube channel — and I mean, Italian nonnas and food porn? Winning formula, if you ask me. Well, now over 70 recipes — and the stories of their inventors — have been gathered here for you to happily work your way through.

    Recipes include: Rosetta's Trofie With Basil Sauce, Giuseppa's Fingernail Pasta With Tomato Sauce.

    Buy for $28.79 from Amazon Australia.

    3. This scratch-off movie list, because nobody wants to spend half their night debating over which movie to watch.


    I may or may not be calling myself out with this one. Many a night has been spent jumping from streaming service to streaming service, looking for something that both my husband and I could agree on. This chic movie poster features 100 of the most popular, iconic films of all time, allowing you to scratch them off as you go.

    Buy for $27.41 from Etsy.

    4. These marbled ceramic pots, to make your plant babies even more attractive.


    These ridiculously attractive ceramic pots give the classic marbled look a thoroughly modern makeover, with their naturally-occuring, uneven silhouettes. They each have a drain hole and look particularly dapper when filled with plants of contrasting colours.

    Buy four pots for $26.99 from Amazon Australia.

    5. This luxury 24-pack teabag set from T2 Tea, with half a dozen different brews to heal whatever ails you.

    T2 Tea

    I am currently writing this in-between blowing my nose, so the idea of a pack of tea specially curated to heal daily ailments sounds a goddamn dream. For the flu, there's Blue Sage Shoes (green tea, sage and blueberries) and for the sleep-deprived, there's Wakey Wakey (green tea, ginger, peppermint and liquorice). Come at me, leaves of healing, I beg you.

    Buy The Wellness Edition Gift Pack for $29 from T2 Tea.

    6. This neck book light, because the new Twilight book comes out soon and I know you'll not put it down.


    No need to tear yourself from your book as the sun sets when you have yourself one of these silicone, adjustable reading lights. Made to sit lightly around the neck and on shoulders, it can last for eight hours (who needs sleep anyway?) and comes with flood light and spotlight modes. You can also use it on nighttime runs.

    Buy for $25.99 from Amazon Australia.

    7. This windowsill lavender kit, which will help bring the outdoors in, when rain prevents you from smelling the roses (or, you know, the lavender).


    It seems every man and their dog is a gardener nowadays, so you might as well give it a first try with this mini-garden — better than spending all your monies on exxy plants, only to find out you have a black thumb. This kit comes with a window sill-sized metal container with drip tray, lavender seeds, soil, a wooden label and chalk. Place on your bedroom window to the make the most of the calm-inducing, sleep-lulling fragrance.

    Buy for $15.99 from Catch.

    8. This cold brew coffee maker, which you can conveniently drink from and bring with you when popping down to the supermarket.

    Amazon / BuzzFeed

    Next to having caffeine directly injected into your veins (please do not attempt this), cold brew is heaven sent to a caffeine addict. Should you be the kind of person to not go a day without a morning cuppa, try your fix in a different way with this cold brew maker. A stainless steel basket holds ground coffee or tea leaves — and a complimentary neoprene sleeve means hands stay warm and dry when on the go.

    Buy for $24.79 from Amazon Australia.

    9. This posy of flowers from Little Flowers, because my mum taught me to never wait for a man to buy me flowers.

    Mariela Summerhays / BuzzFeed, @littleflowerssydney / Via

    No shade to supermarket flowers — they bring me joy on the weekly. However, sometimes you want a pretty assortment of flowers, lovingly arranged. Enter: Little Flowers. I've been using this service for years — love that I'lll never know what particular arrangement I'll get, but I know it'll be a lovely, little pick-me-up!

    Buy a small posy for $35 from Little Flowers.

    10. This galaxy-inspired PopSocket — because now that all your interactions are over the phone, it'd be ideal if you would stop dropping it so often.


    Get yourself this screen-saving device (honestly, if you haven't one already, that needs to be rectified immediately), which will not only give you a better grip of your phone, but can serve as a stand on your video call catch ups. There are twelve different designs, so you're sure to find one to suit your aesthetic.

    Buy for $15.95 from Amazon Australia.

    11. The beloved Nike Air Max 270 React — because now that we're all avid walkers (anything to get out of the house) our feet may as well be well-dressed.

    http://@coach.nidia / Via

    Sneakerheads, rejoice! Among the many sneakers currently on sale at Nike is the ever-stylish Air Max 270 React. If the thought of choosing from the infinite number of colour combinations to design your own pair is overwhelming, never fear — they're currently on sale in perenially versatile black.

    Buy the Nike Air Max 270 React in black for $175.99. Alternatively, custom design your own for only $265.

    12. This wireless shower speaker, so you can continue to sing along to Selena Gomez's new album (don't even deny it) while washing your hair.

    Cotton On

    This gorgeous little gadget sticks onto shower screens using a powerful suction cup and will allow you to make and answer calls (though maybe rethink calling your boss) or listen to your favourite tunes, water and all. If this pattern doesn't strike your fancy (which is, frankly, absurd — look how sweet it is!), there are 14 others to choose from.

    Buy for $29.99 from Typo.

    13. This essential oil diffuser, which will blend in with your home decor and distribute calm to the far reaches of the room.

    @homedicsaustralia / Via

    This essential oil diffuser not only distributes essential oils, but also has colour-changing lights and plays relaxing and uplifting sounds. The diffuser comes with a remote control for seamless operation over 10 continuous hours.

    Buy for $93 from Catch.

    14. This all-you-can-read magazine app — so come the weekend, you can bundle in bed and forget about not having any plans for the umpteenth weekend in a row.

    @readly / Via

    You are going to love how much you're about to save on magazine subscriptions. This app gives access to around 5,000(!) magazines — including international editions of Vogue, Cosmo, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, BELLE, TIME, Frankie and more. You''ll be taking this app with your morning caffeine injection, no doubt. You can purchase a three-month, six-month or 12-month membership.

    Buy a three month subscription for $44.97 from Readly.

    15. Along with this stylish pair of blue light blocking glasses, which you'll no doubt be in need of, now that all your hours are about to be consumed by that app.


    These glasses work by blocking out the blue light from screens, which can cause eye strain, headaches and inability to sleep. So, if you're always clutching your temples at the end of a working day, this here is a great present to yourself.

    Buy for $35.90 from Amazon Australia.

    16. Alternatively, an Audible subscription, which will give you monthly credits to use towards whichever book you want.

    Audible / BuzzFeed

    Should you be flat off your feet all the time and wishing you could attack your to-read list, give yourself the ability to listen to books on the run. Among the many titles are Where The Crawdads Sing, The Giver Of Stars, and Celeste Barber's memoir, Challenge Accepted!, which she narrates herself.

    You can buy a one-month, three-month or 12-month membership.

    Buy a one month membership for $16.45 on Audible.

    17. These photo clip string lights, which illuminate your favourite memories whenever you turn them on.


    Three or six metres of lights, with tiny clips at equal intervals, this is a sweet and whimsical way of displaying your favourite photos, postcards and other paper mementos. It requires a couple of AA batteries to operate (easy, considering those always coming in packs of about a million) and can be used indoors or outdoors in a covered area.

    Buy 20 LED lights for $19.99 or 40 LED lights for $26.99 from Amazon Australia.

    18. This Sensori+ Air Detoxifying Aromatic Mist that neutralises air toxins and bacteria — and leaves the scent of nature behind.

    Mariela Summerhays / BuzzFeed

    This product comes in four different scents, all inspired by specific regions around Australia. My favourite is the Macedon Trail, a combination of geranium, vetiver and Australian sandalwood, "that recreates a walk down the bush trail at Macedon Ranges after rain". Should you not be isolated in the direct vicinity of nature or bushland for her daily, hour-long exercise, this is the perfect gift to give yourself.

    Buy for $29 from Amazon Australia.

    19. This stainless steel wine tumbler, because there's nothing worse than a warm glass of rosé.


    This vacuum-insulated tumbler will keep your wine chilled until the very last drop — even when your boss has interrupted your end-of-week bevvie a dozen times with last minute assignments. As someone who has had her toddler knock over her stemmed glass more than once — this is a worthy investment for anyone who enjoys a vino.

    Buy for $27.99 from Amazon Australia.

    20. These organic amber resin chandelier earrings, if you still like your ears dressed up — though you are most decidedly, these days, dressed down.

    Mariela Summerhays / BuzzFeed

    Designed in Melbourne, these stunners feature naturally-occuring shaped beads of amber resin, finished with vintage gold-plated detail. I might not be going out to dinner anytime soon, but definitely appreciate the touch of sculptural elegance these will add to my self-iso uniform.

    Buy for $55 from Myer.

    21. And finally, this bath pillow, because if anyone deserves a relaxing soak, it's...well, everyone, really. We've all been through it this year.


    The ergonomic, double-cushion design supports both neck and head perfectly, allowing for optimum comfort in an otherwise hard tub. Breathable 3D mesh technology makes for a breathable, sturdy material that allows water and air to flow through easily for quick-drying and durability. It is attached using suction cups, so can be applied and removed with no fuss. Not into pink? It also comes in black, white and blue.

    Buy for $39.95 from Amazon Australia.

    All of us, to this year on New Year's Eve.


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