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    We've Gathered 14 Of This Week's Best Deals You'll Want To Throw Your Wallet At

    Fashion, tech and homewares, oh my!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Welcome to the first instalment of this new series, in which every Monday, I do what I can to aid your retail therapy with some banger deals going on during the week.


    Come back to the same place, same time every week, for deals on deals across all categories? The efficiency.

    Let's kick it off, shall we? Here are 14 shopping deals this week you should take advantage of.

    1. This '90s Silk Slip Dress by Silk Laundry, which is the easiest way to look like a million dollars without spending nearly close to that.

    @silklaundry / Via, THE ICONIC

    Originally $250/ Buy now for $175 from THE ICONIC.

    In recent years, slip dresses have come back from their '90s hey day, and I for one, am here for it. Not all slip dresses are made equal though — cheap material, unflattering cuts — but this one here is the crème de la crème. Cut from pure silk in a form-flattering silhouette, its midi-length hem means it can be worn wherever without it looking like you've just run away from bridesmaid duties.

    2. This Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart Speaker, without which, my life as I know it would surely fall apart.

    Amazon / BuzzFeed

    Originally $79 / Buy now for $49 from Amazon Australia.

    Valid until January 29.

    Okay, so straight up β€” I love my smart speaker so much. Like, it has become an integral part of my daily routine. I go to bed listening to ocean sounds from it; wake to an alarm set on it. I plan my outfit based on a weather forecast from it; dance to music I play from it while getting ready β€” all using voice commands.

    I can even break up a fight between my children when I hear them squabbling in another room and I'm in the middle of something β€” I just tell Alexa to broadcast my voice to the room they're in. I swear you'll not regret the move over to smart home living once you've tried it.

    3. This Tile Sport Bluetooth Tracker, because if you're anything like me, you utter the phrase, "where are my keys?" at least seven times a day.

    @tile / Via

    Originally $49.95 / Buy for $24.95 from JB Hi-Fi.

    So this little beauty of an invention can be attached to your valuables β€” keys, camera, purse, backpack β€” and in the event of them getting lost, can sound a noise for up to 61 metres away via app, helping you locate your lost item again. They're designed to last for a year without battery replacement or charging.

    One moment, getting one for each of my children's back pockets.

    4. This Lover Women's Eden Midi-Dress, for when you have to go to a family wedding and you know your grandmother would disapprove of everything else in your closet.


    Originally $450 / Buy now for $270 from Amazon Australia.

    So it has the hallmarks of every conservative family-friendly garment β€” subdued colours, thick shoulder straps, midi-length, A-line skirt. But, being from brilliant Aussie label Lover, the Eden Midi-Dress also features a lace-up, rope corset to the waist. Something for Nanna, something for you.

    5. This IKEA easy chair, which you could literally put in any lounge room in this country and it would look stunning.


    Originally $149 / Buy now for $79 from IKEA.

    Clad in classic black, this non-fussy, minimalist chair will perfectly fill that dead zone in your lounge room not quite big enough for an armchair. Spread your legs in comfort (it's okay, you're at home now) or if you're a parent, share with your little one who likes to sit on your lap. Affection, without the pins and needles in your legs.

    6. This Kindle Oasis E-reader, which will translate passages instantly and let you reference the dictionary without losing your place.


    Originally $529 / Buy now for $329 from Amazon Australia.

    Valid until January 29.

    Maybe you're an e-reader cynic, as I once was. But there comes a point when your back aches from carrying three different books in your shoulder bag and your bank account looks a bit sad from your impulse buys β€” at which point an e-reader starts to look like an attractive option. If that's where you are now, the Kindle Oasis has a glare-free screen, adaptive front lights (no need to stop reading as the sun goes down!), is waterproof, holds thousands of books and a single charge lasts weeks!

    7. This Mossman Just Maybe Dress, which loves every body it's put on.

    Natalia Krslovic / BuzzFeed

    Originally $111.96 / Buy now for $83.97 from Amazon Australia.

    I recently dressed my friend, Nat, in this dress for a style swap challenge video you can watch here. Of the form-fitting, midi-length dress with asymmetrical sleeve, she said:

    Promising review: "When I first saw this dress, I was simultaneously excited and scared. I love an asymmetrical sleeve, but I don't often go for anything this figure-hugging for fear of it not flattering my body.

    Turns out, I had nothing to worry about. This dress was sexy, comfortable and showed off all my curves β€” while still looking elegant and classy. I really felt super glam and I loved it. I was initially worried that some of my rolls were showing through, but once I'd gotten over my own insecurities, I was really vibing this look."

    -Natalia Krslovic

    8. This Tontine King-Sized Washable Australian Wool Doona, and yes, I did say washable.

    Harris Scarfe, Tontine

    Originally $209.99 / Buy now for $104.99 from Harris Scarfe.

    As you may have heard, Aussie retailer, Harris Scarfe, entered into voluntary administration last month and has begun the process of closing its doors. That being said, there are a bunch of great deals to pick up this week, including this King-sized, Aussie wool doona, that you can wash β€” which is great, because you're not quite sure that airing your doona out does very much at all.

    9. A Moleskine 2020 Soft Cover Daily Planner, because it's not too late to get your year on track.

    Originally $39.07 / Buy now for $29.31 from Amazon Australia.

    Valid until February 8.

    Yes, I know you keep your appointments in your phone and it's been working well for you so far. But take it from someone who has just made the move back to journals, your productivity is going to go off. Research indicates that writing down your goals immediately gives you a greater chance of achieving them β€” and if not now, then when? This one comes with monthly calendar grids and space for daily to-do lists or hourly appointments.

    Not feeling this one? Browse up to 25% off Moleskine Notebooks here.

    10. This Smith & Nobel Smokeless Electric Grill, because sometimes you want a steak but not have to break out the BBQ.

    Harris Scarfe

    Originally $199.95 / Buy now for $99.95 from Harris Scarfe.

    Please, please do not leave this unattended. Should you be the responsible sort though, this little plug-in, smokeless grill could be your new favourite appliance.

    Air-flow technology captures smoke with a built-in-fan, and a detachable grease and fat tray makes this grill the ideal alternative to a big-ass BBQ, should you be limited in outdoor space.

    11. These Tigerlily Kapono Pants, which are an easy way to make-believe you're still on holiday, when really you're seated at your desk, fielding emails from HR.


    Originally $129 / Buy for $77.40 from Amazon Australia.

    If a stinking hot Aussie summer is the question, these lightweight, cotton pants here are the answer. Featuring the most extravagant bell-bottom legs with gathered, frilled hem, they're basically a built-in cooling system around your calves. If that didn't already convince you of their comfort β€” elastic waist and side pockets. THE DREAM.

    12. These red, croc-embossed, patent heels from SPURR, which are just about the most romantic heels I've ever laid eyes on.

    Originally $59.99 / Buy now for $29 from THE ICONIC.

    I went to Rome when I was a teenager and I kid you not, the only souvenir I brought home with me were heels that looked exactly like these. Everything β€” from the red, patent finish, the croc-embossed detail, ankle strap and pointed toe β€” oozes Italian glamour. Beautiful thing about the chunky heel means you can wear it with jeans during the day, as easily as with a dress at night.

    13. These Sennheiser HD Wireless Headphones, which you'll be glad you bought when the dude on the train next to you tries to start a conversation.

    JB Hi-Fi

    Originally $329 / Buy now for $164 from JB Hi-Fi.

    So by now you've probably lost your obscenely expensive earbuds or worn down the cable on your infinitely-old corded earphones. Enter these over-ear wireless headphones. The best of both worlds, it gives powerful sound, is intuitive to use and takes up little room in your bag. Most importantly, it has the best in active noise cancellation, so you can shut the world out when necessary.

    14. And finally, this IKEA standing desk, because your housemates don't need to hear you talk about how much you need to buy a standing desk for your back, one more goddamn time.


    Originally $249 / Buy now for $179 from IKEA.

    Right, so one of these babies entered my life for the first time recently and now I'm angry at myself for not getting one sooner. Chances are you, like me, sit for hours in one spot, shoulders up to your ears, everything but your fingers completely immobile. When standing at your desk, you can't help but shift your weight, move around to pick up things still at your waist's level etc etc. Move from sitting to standing with only the simple rotations of a crank handle.

    It might've cut my remedial massage bills in half, but let's be honest, I'm still going just as often, regardless.

    See you again, next week!


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