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    32 Things Under $60 For Anyone Looking For A Bit Of "Me Time"

    Just give me a minute of silence and everything on this list, that's all I'm asking for.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This anti-spill cup holder, which will keep your drink right next to you on the couch, without fear of messes.


    This one-size-fits-all, silicone drink coaster securely hugs couch arms and back rests, removing the need for a coffee table in teeny spaces. Its tacky base grips to the surface on which its placed, while its holder adjusts to accomodate almost every can, bottle or mug.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $29.99.

    2. This serum, The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2 + B5 β€” which promises to hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, for a plumper, more youthful complexion.

    Catherine Scro / BuzzFeed

    Made from pure vegan hyaluronic acid, it is completely free of alcohol, oil, silicone, nut and fragrance.

    Promising Review: "I was told that hyaluronic acid was a must-have in my beauty regime to help my skin hold moisture. After researching different brands, I found The Ordinary to be highly rated and I have to say, I absolutely love it! My skin feels supple after applying it and while it's a little sticky at first, it dries up into the skin, quickly leaving it feeling fresh and full of moisture. It's such good value for money, too!"

    β€”Catherine Scro

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $30.

    3. This clay kit, which will keep your hands occupied and thoughts on something other than your stresses.

    LdnWildflower / Via Etsy

    Unlike other clay kits that require baking in a kiln after completion, this air-dry clay will be ready for display 24-72 hours after you've finished playing. In additon to half a kilo of clay (more than enough for a couple of creations), you also get several tools, a rolling pin, sandpaper, a brush, sponge and board. Absolute beginners needn't stress β€” your purchase comes with a step-by-step guide on how to get the most from your clay.

    Buy it from Etsy for $57.26.

    4. This silk, electric eye mask, which will treat puffy eyes and migraines with five levels of heat.


    Made from natural mulberry silk, this eye mask is soft on sensitive eye lids (even more so with just a couple of drops of water!). Built with five levels of heat temperature and six different time settings, you are guaranteed comfort no matter the severity of your headache. Plus, it's powered via USB adapter, so you can charge it with a power bank on the go.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $35.99.

    5. This Zen Garden Litter Box, which is a cute twist on an old school method of mindfulness.


    Relax and take your mind off uglier things with this novelty zen garden, which will slow your breathing and have you feeling calmer in no time β€” after making you laugh at its absurdity.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $13.75.

    6. This scratch-off movie list, so you don't spend all your time off deciding which film to put on.

    EnnoVatti / Via Etsy

    I may or may not be calling myself out with this one. Many a night has been spent jumping from streaming service to streaming service, ending with me just going to bed instead. This chic movie poster features 100 of the most popular, iconic films of all time, allowing you to scratch them off as you go.

    Buy it from Etsy for $27.41.

    7. These leather slides, which are so comfy and chic, you won't have to change them when you head out.

    The Iconic

    These slides are constructed from genuine, smooth-touch leather, with ergonomic soles for day-long wear. If you're still barefoot on cold tiles, give your feet some love and support with these.

    Buy it from The Iconic for $55.99 (available in sizes 7-12 and two colours).

    8. This facial steamer, which will effectively open pores for easy blackhead removal.


    This brilliant device takes only 8-10 minutes (according to skin type) to cleanse and open pores, making blackhead extraction easy with the complimentary tools. In addition to giving you healthier skin, the nose and mouth inhalation attachment makes it ideal for clearing blocked noses when just a touch of essential oils is added.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $29.99.

    9. This neck book light, because the new Twilight book comes out soon and I know you'll not put it down.


    No need to tear yourself from your book as the sun sets when you have yourself one of these silicone, adjustable reading lights. Made to sit lightly around the neck and on shoulders, it can last for eight hours (who needs sleep anyway?) and comes with flood light and spotlight modes. You can also use it on nighttime runs.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $25.99.

    10. This beautiful puzzle, which will double as artwork for that blank wall, once completed.

    @journeyofsomething / Via, Journey Of Something

    I've been following Journey Of Something for awhile now, and pining over their massive, 1000 piece puzzles, which quite frankly, are gorgeous β€” you'll definitely want to hang them on completion. There's an aesthetic for every type of decorator β€” take, for example, the Kardashian-inspired one versus the illustrated adaptation of the Aussie map. I'm personally in love with this, "My Grandmother's Country II", by Aboriginal artist, Natalie Jade.

    Buy it from Journey Of Something for $58.

    11. This brilliant book, Normal People by Sally Rooney, should you have just binged the series and are needing more Marianne and Connell in your life.

    Mariela Summerhays / BuzzFeed

    No doubt everyone from your best friend to your aunty has told you to read this book β€” and in case you've been dragging your feet, here's yet another person. Intimate (almost excruciatingly so), frustrating and beautifully written, it follows Connell and Marianne β€” two wildly different individuals β€” who are hopelessly drawn to each other despite their personal traumas and miscommunications.

    Buy Normal People by Sally Rooney in paperback for $12 or on Kindle for $8.79 from Amazon Australia.

    12. Or, Small Pleasures by The School of Life, which, in stressful times, will help you to reflect on the little things that give you big joy.

    Amazon, Mariela Summerhays / BuzzFeed

    I actually have this book and can't help but pick it up whenever I'm feeling low on energy. It deep-dives into 52 small pleasures that we often overlook, discussing the ways in which they bring joy and comfort to our lives without us even realising. Special shout out to "The Fish Shop", which somehow makes the sight of cold, dead fish an opportunity for contemplation about the mysterious far reaches of the ocean.

    Buy the hardcover edition for $26.92 and the Kindle edition for $11.99 from Amazon Australia.

    13. This satin kimono gown, which is a step up from chilling in your ex's old tee (it really is time to bin that).

    Cotton On

    It can help your mood to be in something pretty, even you have nothing more on the agenda than vegging out on the couch. This sweet satin number features a relaxed fit, three-quarter length sleeve and tie to waist.

    Buy it from Cotton On for $19.99 (available in sizes 16-24 and four colours).

    14. This felt bed caddy, which is perfect for the whole "never leaving my bed again" thing you've got going on.

    Felt bed caddy with water bottle, tv remote, pen, usb cable and books, hanging from bed frame

    Constructed from sturdy, thick felt, this bed caddy will store and protect your bedtime accessories β€” water bottle, charger, books and TV remote β€” making for a tidy and neat bedroom. Should it suit your aesthetic more, it also comes in a pale grey.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $21.99.

    15. This Frank Body Rose Gold Shimmer Scrub, which will get your skin silky smooth and leave you with a glow like no other.

    BuzzFeed / Julia Willing

    This scrub contains coffee seed oil to get your skin perked up and excited and rose gold mica particles that will distribute all over your skin for a body highlight to die for. Use it on a particularly cloudy day, so that you can transform into your own sunshine!

    Read more about this glorious scrub here.

    Buy it from Mecca for $19.95.

    16. This bath pillow, because you deserve a long, comfortable soak in the tub to soothe your muscles.


    The ergonomic, double-cushion design supports both neck and head perfectly, allowing for optimum comfort in an otherwise hard tub. 3D mesh technology makes for a breathable, sturdy material that allows water and air to flow through easily for quick-drying and durability. It is attached using suction cups, so can be applied and removed with no fuss. Not into pink? It also comes in black, white and blue.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $39.95.

    17. This luxury 24-pack teabag set from T2 Tea, with half a dozen different brews to heal whatever ails you.

    T2 Tea

    This specially curated teabag set is a good alternative to your anxiety-inducing cups of coffee right now. For those with shot nerves, there is Relax (chamomile, juniper berries and lemongrass) and for the sleep-deprived, there's Wakey Wakey (green tea, ginger, peppermint and liquorice). Come at me, leaves of healing, I beg you.

    Buy The Wellness Edition Gift Pack from T2 Teaa for $15.

    18. This six-minute diary, which will keep you on track if you're determined to practise mindfulness in what is a chaotic and disorienting time.


    This journal promises a simple and scientific approach to get you to change your habits in order to achieve happiness, mindfulness and productive thinking. With only this journal, three minutes of your morning and three of your afternoon, you'll train yourself to focus and move towards the goals that matter most to you.

    It includes monthly check-in pages, habit trackers and weekly notes for your own thoughts and ideas, while giving you the information about positive psychology, self reflection and changing habits.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $33.91.

    19. This book, Pasta Grannies: The Secret's Of Italy's Best Home Cooks by Vicky Bennison β€” because if you're going to spend the weekend learning how to make pasta, it might as well be from the best of the best.

    Amazon, @pastagrannies / Via, @pastagrannies / Via

    Pasta Grannies first began as a hugely popular Youtube channel β€” and I mean, Italian nonnas and food porn? Winning formula, if you ask me. Well, now over 70 recipes β€” and the stories of their inventors β€” have been gathered here for you to happily work your way through.

    Recipes include: Rosetta's Trofie With Basil Sauce, Giuseppa's Fingernail Pasta With Tomato Sauce.

    Buy for $28.79 from Amazon Australia.

    20. In which case, you'll want this gnocchi board, which will make easy work of perfecting your pasta.


    This wooden gnocchi board or butter paddle will ensure your homemade pasta catches all the sauce, thanks to the grooves they'll gain after being rolled on this tool. Cooking with someone? This buy comes with two!

    Buy a set of two from Amazon Australia for $17.90.

    21. If cooking in your down time isn't your thing, there's ready-made meals from Youfoodz.

    Mariela Summerhays / BuzzFeed

    It is well-documented that I dislike cooking and even that is an understatement. Fortunately, ready-made meals have come a long way from our childhoods. Youfoodz offers meals in varying sizes, a myriad of cuisines and to suit different food requirements. I've been on the bandwagon since lockdown and can confirm β€” they are tasty. Shout out to the Large Smokey BBQ Chicken and Potato Salad, which smashed all my expectations and then some.

    Buy meals from Youfoodz for $9.95+.

    22. This windowsill lavender kit, for when your exhaustion prevents you from smelling the roses (or, you know, the lavender).


    It seems every man and their dog is a gardener nowadays, so you might as well give it a first try with this mini-garden β€” better than spending all your monies on exxy plants, only to find out you have a black thumb. This kit comes with a window sill-sized metal container with drip tray, lavender seeds, soil, a wooden label and chalk. Place on your bedroom window to the make the most of the calm-inducing, sleep-lulling fragrance.

    Buy it from Catch for $15.19.

    23. This Sleepy lotion by Lush that will make you feel relaxed and ready for your eight hours.

    BuzzFeed / Hameda Nafiz

    This body lotion contains lavender to calm your mind, oatmeal to soothe your skin and jojoba oil to moisturise the heck out of your skin. It also smells absolutely phenomenal.

    Promising Review: "I kid you not, this lotion has changed the quality of my sleep. It's this heavenly mix of oatmeal, lavender oil, organic cocoa butter and a bunch of other natural goodness, plus it smells divine. My colleague swore up and down I would never sleep better than getting out of the shower, lathering this on, then jumping under my covers – and he was not wrong."

    β€”Mariela Summerhays

    Buy for it from Lush for $17.95.

    24. This wireless shower speaker, so you can continue to belt out your favourite songs, even when washing your hair.

    Cotton On

    This gorgeous little gadget sticks onto shower screens using a powerful suction cup and will allow you to make and answer calls or listen to your favourite tunes, water and all. If any of these patterns don't strike your fancy (which is, frankly, absurd β€” look how sweet they are!), there are 12 to choose from.

    Buy from Typo for $14.99.

    25. This wine aerator and decanter, which will give you the best glass of wine every time – even when you've just brought home the cheapest bottle from Aldi.


    This ergonomically-designed device adds the perfect amount of air into wine and removes any sediment. Simply pour wine from the bottle, through the device and into your glass.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $20.99.

    26. And this electric opener, so that you can get into the wine even faster.


    This wine opener features a built-in rechargeable battery and it's super easy to use β€” all you have to do is position it over the cork and push a button, then viola! It's wine time. It also comes with a wine stopper, so if you have some left over (look, anything's possible), you can seal it and save it.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $35.99.

    27. This funnel neck teddy pullover, which will keep you cosy, even when emerging from under your bed covers to feed yourself.

    Cotton On

    Made from a cosy, teddy fleece fabrication, this pullover is exactly what the season calls for β€” and with a trendy funnel neck and drawstring to cropped hem, is stylish to boot.

    Buy it from Cotton On for $29.99 (available in sizes XS-XL).

    28. This Rosehip mist toner, which I quite simply would not get through the day, nerves intact, without.

    Mariela Summerhays / BuzzFeed

    This toner sits on my desk and no matter the ailment β€” stress, exhaustion or in your case, heartbreak, I assure you one spray goes a long way to making you feel better. It is formulated with Kakadu plum, green tea and rosehip oil β€” perfect for thirsty skin and worn out nerves.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $13.99.

    29. This wearable nail polish holder, which will remove the need to squeeze the bottle between your thighs as you paint.


    This, quite frankly, adorable polish bottle holder will enable you to paint your nails wherever you like. In bed? No problem. Sitting in the grass? Easy as. It no longer matters that you don't have a flat, hard surface to rest your bottle on, because this soft, flexible holder has you covered.

    Buy for $4.95 from Amazon Australia.

    30. Then these OPI Drip Dry Drops, which will make your polish touch dry in 60 seconds β€” completely dry in five minutes!

    Adore Beauty

    If, like me, you're the type to smudge your nails immediately after application, get this in your cart now. A single drop on each nail will dry your polish faster than blowing on them ever could β€” and formulated with Jojoba and Vitamin E, it will also double as treatment for your cuticles.

    Buy for $24.95 from Adore Beauty.

    31. And to finish the look, these nail stickers, which will personalise your nails without shelling out heaps of money at the salon.


    Free of toxic and harmful chemicals, these sweet nail stickers are that little bit of '90s whimsy we could all use in our lives. Designs include flowers, butterflies, stars, cats, skulls and more β€” so you can explore every aesthetic and mood with each manicure over the months to come.

    Buy 50 sheets from Amazon Australia for $9.99.

    32. And lastly, this yoga mat, because though the thought of exercise might be more than you think you can manage right now, the endorphins will do you good.

    Mariela Summerhays / BuzzFeed, Amazon

    I didn't want to drop a fortune on a yoga mat β€” when the day comes that we are safely able to re-enter gyms, you can bet I'm just going to use whatever is stocked there, rather than lug my own to class. Unfortunately, it seems everyone had the same idea as me and it was a chore to find just one that didn't break the bank. Fortunately, I found it and I've put it here so you can buy it, too. Thick and soft so that it protects your joints, its low price point makes it a no-brainer buy.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $26.80.

    These products, to every inch of you.


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