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    31 Road Trip Essentials Now That We've Been Let Out Of Our Isolation Quarters

    I'll see you out there.

    In some brilliant news for Aussies, lockdown restrictions are slowly loosening all over the country.

    Slowly but surely, our feeds are less banana bread and more local getaways. If you're hoping to get in on the escapism — whether on a long drive or overnight camping trip — everything you need is here:

    1. This magnetic phone holder for your car, because you need to keep your eyes on the road — and not on the floor when your inevitably falls out of yet another phone cradle.

    2. And this Bluetooth receiver, which makes it possible to listen to your favourite tunes, should your car have an AUX cord but no Bluetooth capabilities.

    Round Bluetooth receiver attached to car centre console.

    3. An Audible subscription, for when you need a break from talking over each other.

    4. This electric hand warmer, for ill-advised hikes in the mountains in the middle of winter.

    5. This boot organiser, which will sort out all the gear your friends have insisted on hauling along with them for the trip.

    6. This car charger, because you fell asleep before plugging your phone in last night (again) and you need its GPS.

    7. This car essential oil diffuser and humidifier, which is ideal for calming that road rage you really should work on.

    8. This inflatable back seat gap filler, for just an extra bit of surface when you need to take a rest on long road trips.

    9. This Maglite torch, because we've all arrived at a camping ground later than we expected and still had to erect our tents.

    10. This car seat cover, should your fur baby be coming along for the trip.

    11. This medical grade first aid kit, which is a much better use of your glove compartment than the manuals and receipts currently filling it.

    12. This uKeg, which keeps beer fresh and carbonated for up to two weeks, because you should always have access to a frothy, cold one — no matter where in the wilderness you are.

    13. This two-person camping tent, which only takes the one person to set up.

    14. This inflatable mat, which takes only 10-15 breaths(!) to construct.

    15. This electric mosquito swatter, which also works for the pesky flies we have to deal with the vast majority of the year.

    16. This brilliant drink peg, ideal for pit stops when you want to lie in the grass and need somewhere to put your bevvie.

    17. This brilliant book, Normal People by Sally Rooney, should you be in the passenger seat and looking for a way to fill the hours ahead.

    18. This Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2, which will withstand anything you throw at it — including water! Perfect for long hikes with mates.

    19. This SPF15 moisturiser, because you're kidding yourself if you think that cloud cover and grey skies means less UV rays.

    20. And this Hawaiian Tropic Duo Defence Sunscreen Lotion, for everywhere else on your body.

    21. This sun visor-attached, sunnies holder, because stuffing a car with people is a good way to get your sunnies broken — keep them up and out of the way.

    22. This car sunshade, because there's nothing worse than returning to an oven of a car.

    23. This Timberland 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boot, which is perfect for keeping your toes snug and blister-free on your hikes.

    24. This Coleman Quad Cooler Armchair for kids, which quite frankly, is maybe more luxe than my offspring need, but whatever gets them outdoors.

    25. This Coleman Stadium Seat, which is a compact, easily transported alternative to folding chairs in the boot.

    26. This portable charger, which will come handy, should your phone die in the middle of the bush and ages away from your car.

    27. This insulated drink bottle, which will keep your water cold and grip to surfaces (no spills!).

    28. This waterproof bag, which will keep your belongings safe and dry near bodies of water.

    29. This compact lantern, which will protect your candle and push it upwards as it burns.

    30. These car bag hooks, which will make room for your mates' legs and snacks in the back.

    31. And finally, this keychain car escape tool, which will enable you to cut through your seatbelt and break windows in an emergency.

    My reaction when my mates tell me plans for the weekend.

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