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    These 14 Cheeky Tweets Will Prove That Sydney Is Unlike Any Other City Down Under

    We get it, we're easy targets.

    1. This question about our less-than-desirable commuting habits:

    Legitamate question to Sydney siders Why do ya'll like to stand on thr tactiles when you wait for your trains? Dont you know what they're for or are you just feigning ignorance? Seriously people be plugging up like a dry snot for easy walkways 🙄

    It's like acupuncture for the soles of my feet.

    2. This question that is every introduction I've ever made since adolescence:

    Why do people from Sydney care, when you meet them for the first time, what high school you went to?

    It's like our version of Divergent factions.


    3. This question about our sport-spectating behaviours:

    Look sydney-siders, nsw-folks, etc. why do Rugby League fans fit a stereotype SO WELL?!? I feel like this is a Movie set for Bogans Day Out

    You must be from Melbourne.

    4. This question about geography that I don't feel qualified to answer:

    Why does western Sydney have a different climate? Everytime I go to the city it's raining and I'm just not prepared.

    It teaches us adaptability.

    5. This question that proves "birds of a feather flock together":

    why does everyone in western sydney look the exact same

    We all buy our clothes from the Costco in Marsden Park.


    6. This question that will make you feel at least a little bad about all the times you've walked straight past, without a word:

    Retweet (and so true) "Why do hawkers bother approaching Sydneysiders on the street when they know we're all rude and won't talk to anyone"

    Not me, I can be guilted into hearing a spiel about anything.

    7. This very appropriate question about the cost of Opal top ups:

    Oh my. I have travelled the world & never seen price gouging of the scale of NSW public transport. Why do Sydneysiders accept it?

    Believe us, if there was another way, we would take it.


    8. This question about our attitudes towards slightly-cooler-but-not-really temperatures:

    Why do Sydneysiders always complain about the weather. Its 1 and Canberra hasn't got to double digits

    If I can't wear my thongs without my toes getting cold, I don't want it.

    9. This question about how we share our current taste in music with the world:

    Why do Sydneysiders feel compelled to blast music out loud on peak hour trains? Never experienced it in 19 years on the Pakenham line, a regular occurrence on the T3. Disgusting.

    Okay, yeah, I'll allow this one. Kinda sucks.

    10. This question about hygiene in public spaces:

    Why do Sydneysiders insist on smearing their greasy hair all over train windows?

    Look, if the seats were only higher, we could get it all over headrests instead.


    11. This question about dwellings for every season:

    Why do so many people on the north shore have a “summer home” five miles away from their regular home ??

    Yeah, literally everyone who has a holiday house in Palm Beach has a permanent residence in Mosman.

    12. This question about our addiction to trendy restaurants:

    Why do Sydney siders succumb to Sydney restaurant attitudes? Stop lining up. They're not clubs. They should take reservations and be nice.

    If I want to wait for 45 minutes to get a morsel of the hottest new flavour combination, that's my prerogative.


    13. This question about our driving prowess:

    Why do Sydney siders forget how to drive/operate in the rain?

    In our defence, have you seen how convoluted our roads are?

    14. And lastly, this question about our general worldview:

    Why do all Sydneysiders presume everyone is also based in Sydney!? It aint the centre of the universe!

    I mean, you can't prove to me it's not.

    Sydney-siders, on that note:


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