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    21 Things That Should Be Hella Expensive, But Aren't

    It's just so far away from pay day.

    I like nice things. I also like having a balance higher than zero in my bank account, so am all about stretching that dollar.

    Fortunately, there are still a few things in this world that are not only affordable, but also brilliant and worth having. Here are 21 things that are truly worth their weight in gold.

    1. These blemish patches, which protect your acne from bacteria as it heals.

    2. This Tile Mate device, because you've tried retracing your steps to find your keys and it's not as useful as everyone says it is.

    3. This vegan Lush Sleepy lotion, which is almost solely responsible for the eight (okay, seven) hours of sleep I get a night.

    4. This wine aerator and decanter, which will give you the best glass of wine every time – even though you just picked up the cheapest bottle you could find.

    5. These Hawkers Dark Fairfax sunnies that are the subtle cat-eye silhouette I've been looking for my whole life.

    6. This drain snake that will unclog the hair that has been building up since you've been sprouting follicles on top of your head.

    7. This Frank Body Rose Gold Shimmer Scrub, which will not only exfoliate away dead skin, but leave you literally shimmering.

    8. This digital meat thermometer, because though I am a grown ass adult, I still don't know how to cook a medium rare steak.

    9. This Aztec Healing Clay, which deep cleanses your pores for your most glorious face yet.

    10. This pet carrier bag, which allows you to safely take your cat out and about — because ain't no way they're staying on a leash.

    11. This John Frieda Rotation Hot Air Styler, because thinking of how to style your hair in the morning is just another worry you don't need.

    12. This mini-cast iron skillet, which is the number one bestselling frying pan on Amazon.

    13. This touch-up crayon that will fill the little scratches and dents your wooden furniture has accumulated over the years.

    14. This eyeliner stamp, because whoever invented the winged-eye look was just setting us up for failure.

    15. These Zara Flat Mesh Mules, which are the work-appropriate, comfortable and stylish footwear I've abandoned my heels for.

    16. This magnetic phone holder for your car, because life's too short to deal with pesky phone cradles.

    17. This posy of flowers from Little Flowers, because bouquets needn't be extravagant to be romantic.

    18. This Squatty Potty, the original foot stool designed to make the muscle area around your colon relax, thereby allowing you to drop your ~stool~ faster and more completely.

    19. These Ardell Natural Wispies Lashes, which will instantly transform your face with a touch of drama.

    20. These Sound PEATS wireless earbuds, because I've been wanting to make the move to wireless but have been turned off by competitors' prices.

    21. And this gorgeous and functional play mat bag, because your kid forgot to pack up before bedtime and you don't want to delay your glass of wine any longer.

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