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    12 Things That Will Excite You Now That You're An Adult

    Turns out being an adult is just about getting excited about everyday household items.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    So, I've noticed there are some things that excite me now that didn't a few years ago.


    Like, staying home. And eating at excessively exxy restaurants. And washing dishes.

    If you, too, are reaching the stage of your life where fresh laundry excites you more than a night out, these 13 things are for you:

    1. This sturdy, stylish hard-shell suitcase that will protect all your belongings and is a dream to manoeuvre.

    Antler, Amazon

    No more chucking everything in a cloth duffel bag. The premier luggage brand, Antler, has been finessing their models for years. This, the Juno 2 suitcase, is constructed from a durable polypropylene shell and is mounted on four wheels for easy movement. It comes in seven different colours β€” I fancy classic white.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $185.

    2. This beautiful, breathable linen bedding that is as much a dream to sleep in, as it is to look at.

    West Elm

    Made from 100% Belgian flax, this linen bedding is the perfect thing to slip into after a long day of adulting. A natural fibre, linen keeps you cool in the warmer months and retains your body heat in the winter. It comes in many different colours, but I suggest lilac β€” known in colour psychology for its relaxing effect.

    Buy a standard pillow case for $50 and Queen quit cover for $249 from West Elm

    3. This realistic, quality Christmas tree that will exist in your family for generations.

    It's time to let go of that skinny, frail, dehydrated-looking tree you got from the discount store. Now that you're fully grown, you understand the significance of the holidays and want a tree worthy of the occasion. Balsam Tree is the creme de la creme β€” morning tv shows, celebrities β€” they all buy from this company. There are hyper-realistic Christmas trees of every type, but this one, the Fraser Fir, is my favourite.

    Buy from Balsam Hill from $289.

    4. This standing desk, because now that you're old, back ache is a constant companion.


    I remember the first time I saw someone use a standing desk. I believe I literally scoffed. Well, joke's on me, because a few short years later, I can not do without. This particular standing desk can fit two monitors on its highest surface and has a slot for your tablet or mobile. Believe me, your posture will be so much better for it.

    Buy from Officeworks for $199.

    5. This much-loved, much raved about Korean lotion that has officially reached cult status.


    As you get older, you realise that cleaning your skin with a makeup wipe is just not going to cut it anymore. Innisfree is a natural Korean skincare brand that the internet swears by. This particular lotion is made from extra virgin olive oil, so is rich in antioxidants and vitamins β€” instant hydration!

    Read about our experience incorporating the much-hyped skincare range into our daily routine here.

    Buy a 160ml bottle from Amazon Australia for $27.

    6. These R. M. Williams boots you said you'd never get when everyone else did, but you kinda wanted to try them.

    True story β€” I was standing at a bus stop one day, and this elegant AF lady starts talking to me about lessons she'd learned over her life. The very first? Wear good shoes, they carry you through life. Well, these boots right here are the ultimate. 90 pairs of hands touch each boot before they hit shelves β€” from the initial cutting of the leather, right through to the burnishing technique used on the dye, this right here is ~luxury~ at its highest.

    Buy from R. M. Williams for $745.

    7. This Canon EOS M6 camera that is the perfect investment if you're looking to level up from your phone camera.


    Between all the adulting, there leaves very little time for hobbies β€” which is a shame, seeing as studies have shown hobbies decrease the chances of suffering from stress, low moods and depression.

    May I suggest photography? It's one of those activities easily slotted into the spare moments of the day. Start your new hobby with this particular camera that is fitted with a touch screen for quick focus on subjects, can transfer files to your phone seamlessly via Bluetooth and promises to take sharp images, even when you're on the go.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $703.20.

    8. This water flosser that may cost infinitely more than your string floss, but will save you hundreds in dental costs.


    Now that you'e responsible for your dental bills, this little contraption is sure to excite you. Clinically proven to remove up to 99% of plaque, this water flosser has 10 grades of pressure and seven replacements nozzles for different needs. Best invest now to avoid the financial (and physical!) pain of filling cavities in the future.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $59.99.

    9. This space-saving, versatile stainless steel cookware that can be used from the stove to the dining table, to the fridge.


    This non-stick cookware is designed with detachable handles and accompanying plastic covers, so whatever your need β€” to cook, heat up or store β€” you can do so with this set. If you're someone with little kitchen storage, this right here is the dream.

    Buy the 13 pieces set from Amazon Australia for $298.95.

    10. This Dyson Airwrap styler that is everything you ever wanted from a styling tool.


    Designed to suit every hair type β€” and I mean, every hair type β€” this latest in hair care from Dyson comes with seven different attachments. Whether voluminous curls or a dead straight style, the Airwrap styler uses intelligent heat control to ensure it always remains below 150 degrees, so minimal damage is done to your hair.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $799.

    11. This insanely comfortable desk chair that will save you hundreds in chiropractor's bills.


    I am currently sitting on a dining chair that's been pulled up to my desk, looking in envy at this plush desk chair. Seat, back and armrests are all customisable, able to be raised or lowered, angled whichever way, to suit your preferences. Best of all, an adjustable neck pillow supports you where you most need it.

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $449.

    12. And finally, this Nutri Ninja Processor that is what sweet dreams (and juices) are made of.


    I asked the most adult-y adult in the office what was on her Christmas wish list this year, and she instantly came up with this processor. A religious juicer, she has lost many a blender blade to nuts and hard veggies. If your ideal brekkie is also blended greens, this last item is for you. Dishwasher-safe and BPA-free, the best thing about this processor is its powerful 1500 watts of professional performance strength β€” you're guaranteed to not lose a blade. It also comes with three different sized cups with sealed lids, so you can take your morning shake on the go!

    Buy from Amazon Australia for $256.

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