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    If You're Adjusting To Working Out At Home, These 16 Items Are For You

    No longer can you claim to not have time to work out.

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    I don't know about you, but I'm not very good at motivating myself to work out.


    I need a fitness instructor yelling at me from in front of a gym class. Fear alone is my motivator.

    However, nowadays, going to the gym is off the table β€” so I have no choice but to give working out at home a shot.

    Comedy Central

    ...As tempting as it is to just turn into the human equivalent of a potato.

    Should you, too, be looking for ways to make working out at home easier, here are 13 things that ought to do the trick:

    1. These exercise cards, because now that you don't have access to a fitness trainer, you have to motivate yourself.


    This 52-card pack was created by a military fitness expert, who received a medal from the US Army for the exercise programs he design for the troops (imagine having that on your CV). Workouts are only 5-15 minutes a day, and get progressively harder, so people of any fitness level can benefit. Plus, a scan of the cards brings up video demonstrations of each exercise, so you don't have to worry about poor form.

    Buy now for $26.97 from Amazon Australia.

    2. This five-pound kettlebell, without which your home gym would be incomplete, let's be honest.


    This kettlebell is made from tough-as-nails cast iron and is encased in coloured vinyl, making it durable (and less likely to scratch up your flooring!). Use to make your squats that much deeper or perfecting your form during push-ups. Looking for a challenge? It also comes in a 15-pound model.

    Buy for $98.16 from Amazon Australia.

    3. This comfy workout tee β€” with a keyhole detail to the back that's so cute, you'll no doubt wear it with your trusty denim on weekends.

    Cotton On

    The times when I know I'm about to get real sweaty (hello, HIIT videos), I prefer something loose-fitting. This lightweight, grey marle tee β€” designed especially for sizes AU 16-24 β€” will give you room to move freely and, thanks to its gorgeous drawstring keyhole design, it'll still look cute if you decide to go for a walk instead.

    Buy for $17.49 from Cotton On Body (available in size 16-24).

    4. This exercise stability ball, which over 3,600 people loved so much, they gave it a five-star review.


    Designed to improve your core strength and balance, this exercise stability ball is a good alternative to a desk chair, now that we're all stuck at home for the foreseeable future. No need to shop around for a compatible pump β€” this particular model comes with a complimentary one and an exercise guide if you don't know where to start. It comes in several different sizes to suit your height β€” and if you're not keen on the black β€” four different other colours.

    Buy for $10.66+ from Amazon Australia

    5. This set of push-up bars, which help you perfect your form and get the most out of your moves.


    I have the weakest upper body strength of anyone I know β€” there is not a jar in my kitchen that I have not held out to my husband to unscrew for me. Now that all our hours are being spent indoors, I've vowed to myself that I would get stronger...and these here would help me do just that. Featuring padded handles for a comfortable and secure grip, these push-up bars will help improve posture and form, since you have no trainer to spot you.

    Buy for $42.72 from Amazon Australia.

    6. This dual-grip medicine ball, which will ensure you never have to fear about weights falling on your face during reps again.


    I mean, bless the person who designed this piece of equipment. So many times have I held weight discs in hand and feared for my life as I swung them around me. This dual grip medicine ball (with weighted core) is designed with easy-grip handles, so you can go about your upper body exercises without worrying about losing your handle on it. Choose from weights between 2.7kg to 11.4kg.

    Buy for $64+ from Amazon Australia.

    7. This pastel pink Yoga Mat, because the idea of doing crunches on bare tiles makes my spine curl up in fear.

    Cotton On

    No longer can you shy away from floor exercises because you don't want to lie on your bare floors. This minimalist, sturdy yoga mat is currently on sale, so go get it. Not sold on the blush? It also comes in classic black.

    Buy for $20.99 from Cotton On Body (available in two colours).

    8. This arm and leg exerciser, because we're always being told sitting stationary for hours at a time is bad for us.


    Perfect for people without the space for a whole exercise bike and stand in their home, this arm and leg exerciser could be just the thing now that you can't access your usual spin class. Reviewers love how quiet it is β€” which is ideal, as I could see me using this in front of the TV, only all the time.

    Buy for $269 from Amazon Australia.

    9. This motivational water bottle, which will remind you to hydrate in-between your passive aggressive emails.


    Dehydration is the enemy of energy, so fix your levels with all the water. This litre bottle is marked with times, so when you glance at your bottle and realise its past the hour, you know it's time to take another swig. It helpfully lets you know just what a certain amount of liquid is doing for you, including, "3 p.m. β€” Reduce Fatigue" and "5 p.m. β€” Hydrate Skin".

    Buy for $28.99 from Amazon Australia.

    10. This Maternity Seamfree Active Crop, because breastfeeding is tricky enough without having to squeeze in and out of a sports bra whenever bubs is hungry.

    Cotton On

    A cross-back design gives added support, whilst clasps on each shoulder strap allows for easy access when its time to feed your baby. Reviewers advise against use during strenuous exercise activities, but for walks with bubs and everyday wear, it's just the thing for feeding mums.

    Buy for $17.46 from Cotton On Body (available in sizes XS-XL).

    11. This Fitbit Versa, which can go FOUR DAYS without a charge.

    @fitbit / @piggyrichelle / Via

    If, like me, you're planning on a healthier you despite being stuck at home, this Fitbit Versa could be the thing for you. It's the lightest Fitbit yet β€” plus, it's swim resistant, accommodates wallet-free payments, GPS, sleep and period tracking, call and calendar alerts and all the fitness tracking for which the brand first became famous.

    Buy for $199 from JB Hi-Fi.

    12. These ankle weights, because I know you've been slacking on your leg lifts.


    Right β€” now that there's no fitness instructor around to correct your form, I know there's a temptation to just kick your legs when you should be using your stomach muscles to lift them. These here will ensure you can't get lazy and weights can be taken out or added to suit your fitness levels. Choose from 4.5kg or 9kg models.

    Buy for $54.97+ from Amazon Australia.

    13. This microfibre towel that is designed to cool your body down in an instant.


    Eco-friendly and anti-bacterial, this wonder of a towel creates a cooling sensation simply by being run under water. Wring excess water out, then use as a bandana, neck wrap or towel.

    Buy for $5.74 from Amazon Australia.

    14. This ab roller, which will work every inch of the core muscles you didn't know you had.


    My abs hurt, just looking at this β€” in the best, fat-burning, muscle-toning way, that is. Featuring a dual wheel design for stability, this brilliant abdominal and core trainer can hold up to 200kgs and is made with anti-slip foam-covered handles. Compact and portable, you can use it just as easily in your living room or in your backyard.

    Buy for $27 from Amazon Australia.

    15. These odour-absorbing bamboo bags that will suck all the stench out of your dirty things.


    Filled with organic bamboo charcoal, these little linen-cotton pouches trap musty smells without emitting synthetic fragrances or toxic chemicals. They come in different sizes, but this one is ideal for tucking into your sneakers after a sweaty sesh.

    Buy a set of two for $19.99 from Amazon Australia.

    16. And finally, this foam roller to stretch muscles and improve flexibility after every workout.


    Use it to massage upper back, lower back, hamstrings, all the things. Plus, this one comes with a free carry bag for easy transport.

    Buy for $35.99+ from Amazon Australia.

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