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    If You Are A Serial Bad Gift-Giver, These 22 Mother's Day Pressies Will Break The Curse

    For the mother who would berate you for wasting money on flowers or chocolate.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    No doubt you bought something for your mother last year, thinking for sure it was brilliant β€” only for it to sit, unused and forgotten at the back of a cupboard for years.


    No? Just me? Well, that's upsetting.

    Luckily for you, I am now a birth-giver of offspring and can point you in the right direction.


    ^Not me.

    Here are 22 Mother's Day gifts your mum will not only use, but use every day:

    1. This cold brew coffee maker, which she can conveniently drink from and bring with her when popping down to the supermarket.

    Amazon / BuzzFeed

    Next to having caffeine directly injected into your veins (please do not attempt this), cold brew is heaven sent to a caffeine addict. Should your mother be the kind of person to not go a day without her morning cuppa, get her to try her fix in a different way with this cold brew maker. A stainless steel basket holds ground coffee or tea leaves β€” and a complimentary neoprene sleeve means hands stay warm and dry when on the go.

    Buy for $24.79 from Amazon Australia.

    2. This galaxy-inspired PopSocket β€” because now that all your interactions are over the phone, it'd be ideal if she would stop dropping it so often.


    My mum has eyed my PopSocket with fascination in the past, so I know this recommendation is legit. Spend the money she won't on herself and get her this screen-saving device, which will not only give her a better grip on her phone, but can serve as a stand on your video call catch ups. There are twelve different designs, so you're sure to find one to suit your mum's aesthetic.

    Buy for $15.95 from Amazon Australia.

    3. This Echo Show 5, which will make keeping an eye on the baby easier when she's on the loo.


    When paired with another, this Echo Show 5 will allow mum to keep an eye on a bedroom or playroom, while she gets to her emails/chores/attempting to pee in peace. As well as its handy camera capabilities (which can be used to video call family and friends), she can use her Echo Show to view movies and shows when her little humans are hogging the TV.

    Buy for $199 from Amazon Australia.

    4. This wireless shower speaker, so she can continue singing along to Michael Buble on repeat, even when washing her hair.

    Cotton On

    This gorgeous little gadget sticks onto shower screens using a powerful suction cup and will allow your mum to make and answer calls or listen to her favourite tunes, water and all. If this pattern doesn't strike your fancy (which is, frankly, absurd β€” look how sweet it is!), there are 14 others to choose from.

    Buy for $20.99 from Typo.

    5. This essential oil diffuser, which will blend in with her home decor and distribute calm to the far reaches of her room.

    @homedicsaustralia / Via

    This essential oil diffuser not only distributes essential oils, but also has colour-changing lights and plays relaxing and uplifting sounds. The diffuser comes with a remote control for seamless operation over 10 continuous hours. The perfect addition to any corner of her home that the kids haven't taken over yet.

    Buy for $108 from Catch.

    6. This laptop table that can be used either as a temporary standing desk, or as a way to prevent her laptop from overheating while she's binge-watching in bed.


    This laptop table has adjustable table legs and has five levels of height, so she can choose which angle to binge-watch The Stranger on. Throw in a cup groove (avoid spills!) and a small drawer for small necessities, and this is basically the best bed buddy she could ask for.

    Buy it for $62.99 from Amazon Australia.

    7. This electric scalp massager, because taking deep breaths in and out does only so much to alleviate stress.


    Look, your poor mother puts up wth a lot and deserves to have the tension in her body relieved daily. Just short of hiring a personal masseuse (and infinitely cheaper) is this scalp massager, with three massage nodes to get more than one point of tension at a time and waterproof, so she can take it with her into the shower at the end of the day. In addition to relieving tension, fatigue and stress, the massager will also promote blood circulation, helping grow back all the hair she's lost to her kids. Win-win!

    Buy for $156.95 from Amazon Australia.

    8. This all-you-can-read magazine app β€” so come Mother's Day, she can bundle herself in bed and not emerge for anything but coffee top-ups.

    @readly / Via

    She is going to love how much she's about to save on magazine subscriptions. This app gives access to around 5,000(!) magazines β€” including international editions of Vogue, Cosmo, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, BELLE, TIME, Frankie and more. She'll be taking this app with her morning caffeine injection, no doubt. You can purchase a three-month, six-month or 12-month membership.

    Buy a three month subscription for $44.97 from Readly.

    9. Along with this stylish pair of blue light blocking glasses, which she will no doubt be in need of, now that all her hours are about to be consumed by that app.


    These glasses work by blocking out the blue light from her screens, which can cause eye strain, headaches and inability to sleep. So, if she's ever complained about experiencing any of these symptoms, this is the perfect present.

    Buy for $35.90 from Amazon Australia.

    10. Alternatively, an Audible subscription, which will give your mum monthly credits to use towards whichever book she wants.

    Audible / BuzzFeed

    Should your mum be flat off her feet all the time and wishing she could attack her to-read list, give her the ability to listen to her books on the run. Among the many titles are Where The Crawdads Sing, The Giver Of Stars, and Celeste Barber's memoir, Challenge Accepted!, which she narrates herself.

    You can buy a one-month, three-month or 12-month membership.

    Buy a one month membership for $16.45 on Audible.

    11. This ceramic mug, which spells out exactly what you think of your mother.

    astraychalet / Etsy

    Look, I'm trusting you know your mother well enough to know whether or not to gift this to her. I, a mother, would love if my offspring gave this to me β€” my mum would cut me out of her will. So, gift at your own risk, but if it lands right, this rose-pink mug with hand-written lettering (and the option for a personalised message on the back!), might end up being her favourite day-long companion.

    Buy for $27.87+ from Etsy.

    12. This stylish yet cosy throw, because winter is just around the corner and you want her to know you care about her being comfortable.


    Plush and oh-so-cosy, this great winter warmer is also beautiful thrown over an armchair or your mother's shoulders, thanks to its gorgeous cayenne hue. It comes in two sizes and two other colours β€” a grey-blue and rose-pink.

    Buy for $38.95+ from Zanui.

    13. This six-minute diary, which will keep her on track and practising mindfulness in what is a chaotic and disorienting time.


    This journal promises a simple and scientific approach to get people to change habits in order to achieve happiness, mindfulness and productive thinking. With only this journal, three minutes of her morning and three of her afternoon, she'll train herself to focus and move towards the goals that matter most to her. It includes monthly check-in pages, habit trackers and weekly notes for her own thoughts and ideas, while giving the information about positive psychology, self reflection and changing habits.

    Buy for $39.90 from Amazon Australia.

    14. This Gucci Bloom Nettare Di Fiori Eau De Parfum, because she's been wearing the same scents for years and is looking for something new to add to the rotation.

    Mariela Summerhays / BuzzFeed

    This here is my everyday fragrance β€” if your mother also loves a musky floral scent, this is the dreamy perfume she'll adore you for adding to her collection. With top notes of ginger and rose, jasmine and base notes of patcholi, musks and osmanthus, she's sure to incorporate it into their every day beauty routine.

    Buy for $170 from Myer.

    15. This weighted blanket, which will smother each and every one of the sleeping problems she's accumulated through years of interrupted sleep.

    Hameda Nafiz / BuzzFeed

    Whether she's stressing about the many consequences of coronavirus, or any one of the multitude of reasons parents worry, I strongly suggest she work a weighted blanket into her nighttime routine.

    Promising review: "I'm usually a person who loves to sleep early and often, but can never actually get to sleep quick enough. This blanket however, has made it so much easier to fall asleep and stay asleep for the entire night.

    It's not that it's super heavy! The blanket feels similar to when you were little and your parents would put a blanket over you and tuck it in all around you β€” aka the best feeling ever."

    β€”Hameda Nafiz

    Read Hameda's whole review on the weighted blanket here.

    Buy a double-sized blanket for $95.95 from Amazon Australia.

    16. This Kindle Paperwhite, because now that she's spending all her time indoors, she just might get around to her to-read pile.


    If that GIF isn't a resounding recommendation, I don't know what is. But aside from being completely waterproof, this is the thinnest, lightest Kindle yet and it reads like paper in the sun. A single charge lasts weeks (weeks!) and she'll instantly gain access to millions of titles β€” of which some are completely free.

    Buy for $169 from Amazon Australia.

    17. This genuine leather strap watch, a ~timeless~ classic for an iconic woman.

    The Iconic

    A smooth, tan leather band makes this watch a casual yet elegant addition to your mum's everyday attire. Rose-gold markings and case are a sweet, feminine touch β€” and with an accompanying leather travel case, the gift wrapping has been done for you! If you don't like the tan for her, it also comes in black with a white, pink or black face.

    Buy for $50 from The Iconic.

    18. This digital photo frame, because if she were to develop every good picture that's been taken of you, there wouldn't be an inch of space left in her house.


    Fitted with a HD resolution screen and built-in speakers, this digital frame will allow your mum to rotate her favourite memories β€” photos and videos β€” on loop. She'll easily customise slideshows with the accompanying remote and keep track of the time and date with the complimentary clock and calendar function.

    Buy for $89.09 from Amazon Australia.

    19. This wine aerator and decanter, which will give your mum the best glass of wine every time – even when she's just brought home the cheapest bottle from Aldi.


    This ergonomically-designed device adds the perfect amount of air into wine and removes any sediment. Simply pour wine from the bottle, through the device and into your glass. Send this with the promise of cooking a homemade meal when quarantine is over for the best present you've ever gifted her.

    Buy for $15 from Amazon Australia.

    20. And this electric opener, so that she can get to the wine even faster.


    This wine opener features a built-in rechargeable battery and it's super easy to use β€” all she has to do is position it over the cork and push a button, then viola! It's wine time. It also comes with a wine stopper, so if mum has some left over, she can seal it and save it.

    Buy for $35.99 from Amazon Australia.

    21. This Amazon Fire TV Stick, which will make jumping from streaming service to streaming service a breeze β€” because I know for certain she has more than one.


    The Fire TV Stick connects your HDTV to an obscene number of apps β€” no longer will she get you on the phone for help changing streaming services. We're talking Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV β€” not to mention Amazon Music, Spotify and a whole bunch of other couch potato couch-transforming apps.

    Buy for $69 from Amazon Australia.

    22. And finally, this Sensori+ Air Detoxifying Aromatic Mist that neutralises air toxins and bacteria β€” and leaves the scent of nature behind.

    Mariela Summerhays / BuzzFeed

    This product comes in four different scents, all inspired by specific regions around Australia. My favourite is the Macedon Trail, a combination of geranium, vetiver and Australian sandalwood, "that recreates a walk down the bush trail at Macedon Ranges after rain". Should your mother not be isolated in the direct vicinity of nature or bushland for her daily, hour-long exercise, this is the perfect gift for her.

    Buy for $29 from Amazon Australia.

    Your mum, while your siblings aren't around: