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    19 Products You Probably Didn't Know Existed That Will Improve Your Life

    Life is hard, but these things are here to make it a touch easier.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This keychain car escape tool, that will enable you to cut through your seatbelt and break windows in an emergency.


    Rather than that keyring from the Grand Canyon and gym pass you never use, may I suggest this life-saving tool to hang from your keys? Compact yet bright (so easily spotted in the dark), this car escape tool was originally developed for first responders and now can be carried by every driver. A protected blade cuts through jammed seat belts and a small but effective steel spike shatters glass when needed.

    Buy for $27.97 from Amazon Australia.

    2. This magic double-sided tape that sticks to everything and can be washed and reused, time and time again.


    Thanks to some special kind of wizardry, this durable, double-sided clear tape can be used to stick almost anything to any surface. Five metres long, it can be cut to suit your needs and then — without leaving a mark — be removed, washed and used again from now until eternity.

    Read all about its wondrousness here.

    Buy for $13.50 from Amazon Australia.

    3. This pet carrier bag, which allows you to safely take your cat out and about — because ain't no way they're staying on a leash.

    Dick Smith

    If, like us, you greatly enjoyed the scene in Miss Americana where Tay-Tay has her cat, Olivia, in a chic backpack carrier, then cop a look at this. You never need leave your furry friend behind again with this pet window carrier backpack — with plenty of ventilation, by the way.

    Buy for $39 from Dick Smith.

    4. This drain snake that will unclog the hair that has been building up since you've been sprouting follicles on top of your head.


    If I'm honest, I can't look at this photo without gagging a touch. I imagine doing the job itself would be much the same, but it needs to be done, so might as well get it over and done with faster, right? There are two different lengths to choose from, 50cm and 60cm, so no matter how far down you've managed to shove your hair, the tiny claws along its length will be able to pull it all out in one go.

    Buy a pack of four for $7.99 from Amazon Australia.

    5. These blemish patches, which protect your acne from bacteria as it heals.

    Sarah Han / BuzzFeed, Amazon

    These patches are made of hydrocolloid, a wound-healing material that protects against bacteria. Ultra-thin and complete with a matte finish, they can be worn on top of inflamed and acne-prone skin, and under foundation (!). A few hours later, your zits will have shrunk noticeably. No wonder people are buying these in bulk.

    Read all about their genius here.

    Buy a pack of 18 patches for $4.95 from Amazon Australia.

    6. This touch-up crayon that will fill the little scratches and dents your wooden furniture has accumulated over the years.

    Bunnings, Timbermate / Via

    I am not a handy person, so I've kind of just accepted the scratches and dents my home and furniture are slowly accumulating *eyes my tiny humans and cat*. This brilliant little tool, which comes in every conceivable hue of wood, can be rubbed into the surface of your furniture or heated to fill larger dents. You can even mix more than one stick to get your desired colour! Now anyone can be a home renovator.

    Buy a single stick for $6.55 from Bunnings.

    7. This Aztec Healing Clay, which deep cleanses your pores for your most glorious face yet.

    Hameda Nafiz / BuzzFeed, Amazon

    This clay basically has its own cult following of thousands, so it's no wonder it always makes our monthly bestsellers list. Just mix a bit of powder with some apple cider vinegar, lather it on and extract every last bit of gunk from your pores.

    Check out some brilliant before and after photos here.

    Buy for $23.99 from Amazon Australia.

    8. This microfingers dusting glove that is as clever as it is creepy.

    Bunnings / Via

    Dust anything you can reach with this unique dusting glove. Used dry, the microfibre noodle glove catches and traps dust with the utmost of ease. It's also fully machine washable too!

    Buy for $6.95 from Bunnings.

    9. These armpit pads that will keep your sweat from staining your shirts.


    Apply these self-adhesive underarm pads directly to your skin for some easy, all-natural soaking up of sweat. Never fear wearing synthetic fabrics on a hot day again!

    Buy a pack of 25 for $24.90 from Amazon Australia.

    10. This PetKit Fresh Metal Smart Bowl, which will weigh and suggest a food amount according to your pet's weight, breed and pet food brand via its complimentary app.

    Amazon Australia

    This bowl weighs its contents, inhibits bacteria growth and suggests how much food your pet needs according to their weight and the food brand. Despite electronic components, it's waterproof — and runs on just two AAA batteries for two years.

    Buy for $20.95 from Amazon Australia.

    11. This antiperspirant for your hands, so you won't have to worry about sweaty palms the next time you want to hold someone's hand.


    Basically, it's deodorant for your hands. This 50ml can provides about 200 pumps worth, which is more than enough for those nervous moments.

    Buy for $14.90 from Amazon Australia.

    12. This OXO Apple Slicer that was created to save you a whole lot of time and energy.

    Pinterest / Via

    Never before have school lunches and after-work snacks been this delightfully time-savey to prep. The OXO Apple Slicer is a quick and easy way to core and slice an apple (and other fruit & veg) — into eight impressive sections!

    Buy for $4 from Catch.

    13. This sun visor-attached, sunnies holder, because I can't be the only one who always loses her glasses case.


    Where have these been all my life?! Honestly, whenever I open a glasses case — whether it be at home, in the car or elsewhere — my sunnies are never anywhere to be found. This sunnies holder not only holds up to two pairs of glasses, but can also be used to hold cards you always want within reaching grasp in the car — like parking tickets or your debit card for Macca's runs.

    Buy a pack of two for $12.99 from Amazon Australia.

    14. This deodorising drain stick, which will kill the gross matter clinging to the sides of your pipes.


    These strips deodorise your drains, but they will also break down the organic matter and grease that cling to the sides of your pipes. That's a whole lot of people saying farewell to gross-smelling sinks.

    Buy a pack of 12 for $12.99 from Amazon Australia.

    15. This whizzy lemon squeezer that catches the pesky seeds.

    David Jones / Via

    This handheld catcher comes wth a clever rubber cup to catch all the pips and pulp from your squeezed lemon so the juice can drain through — meaning no sassy citrus squirts in the eye!

    Buy for $19.95 from David Jones.

    16. This avocado slicer, which will make preparing your daily avo on toast a breeze.


    This tool from the heavens will split, pit and slice your morning avo. Soft, non-slip grip and dishwasher safe, adding this to cart is a no-brainer, really.

    Buy for $2.95 from Amazon Australia.

    17. This coffee warmer, because nothing says a good start to the day/year/decade like a cup of tea that doesn't go cold.


    Where was this thing when I was having my babies?! This little gadget can be conveniently plugged into your laptop so you always have a warm coffee/tea/soup/baby bottle when necessary. Easy-to-clean and compact, you can bring it from your desk at home to the office with no trouble at all — or now that it's on sale, stow one away in each drawer!

    Buy for $18.88 from Amazon Australia.

    18. This UV phone sanitiser and charger, because I'm gross, you're gross — we're all gross.

    PhoneSoap, Amazon

    Someone once told me that our phones hold more germs that a toilet seat, and still, I keep putting it against my face. If this thought freaks you out as much as it does me, may I suggest this UV phone sanitiser and charger? UV light kills 99.9% of bacteria, while one of two charging ports (USB and USB-C) charges your phone. Best thing you've ever bought for your bedside table.

    Buy for $145.98 from Amazon Australia.

    19. And finally, this keyboard cleaning jelly to finally give your poor electronics a refresh after you've spent months eating your lunch over them.


    This cleaning jelly is made of soft gum and is non-toxic and biodegradable. It's totally safe on your skin, so you can have a great time playing with it and put an end to sticky keys forever.

    Buy a four pack from Amazon Australia for $12.65.

    You, upon using these things.

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