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    Just 17 Things To Turn Your Kid's Room Into A Whimsical Escape

    Decorating choices parents and kids can agree on.

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    1. This height chart for dinosaur lovers, which will let your kid know whether they're more troodon or dilophosaurus as they grow.


    This height chart is constructed from canvas cloth (infinitely more durable than paper), so it's sure to last through the years. Rather than the ol' mark on the wall which will be lost if you ever move houses, this keepsake will remind you in years to come of your little one's height at every age β€” and they'll love being able to measure themselves against their favourite dinosaurs.

    Buy for $17.95 from Amazon Australia.

    2. These gold constellation wall decals, which are much prettier in the day than those old plastic glow-in-the-dark stars you had growing up.


    This pack comes with 190 self-adhesive star decals, 52 of which are ready-made constellations. Apply on walls, ceilings or furniture for your space-loving offspring β€” and remove with only a hit of warm air from your hair dryer when they outgrow their star-gazing phase.

    Buy for $10.90 from Amazon Australia.

    3. This baby shark-inspired storage bin, because your bubs is still obsessed with that mind-numbing tune.


    Built from a durable felt, this cheeky hamper will store a multitude of your kid's clothes or toys. Turn packing away into a game β€” "Time to feed baby shark!" β€” and watch their bedroom turn into a picture of perfection before your eyes.

    Buy for $26.13 from Amazon Australia.

    4. This unicorn-clad tent, which my daughters would straight up never emerge from (and I'm guessing yours too).


    If you're looking to take whimsy to the extreme, you can't get more dreamy or magical than this unicorn-inspired tent. Woodland creatures and flowers decorate the polyester body (easy to spot clean!) and a timber structure ensures it lasts throughout childhood.

    Buy for $49.99 from Adairs.

    5. This sweet macrame swing, which won't bother you to have hanging in the living room.

    worldonlinemart / Etsy

    This, the sweetest of all swings, is handmade from recycled cotton rope and is sure to become an heirloom piece for generations to come. Hang indoors or in an enclosed verandah as an alternative to noisy and garish-looking bouncers. As with all baby-holding devices, please make sure you're onlooking when in use.

    Buy for $94.09 from Etsy.

    6. This rose-pink canopy, which is the perfect start to a reading (or napping) corner.


    If your kids need motivation to read, creating a special area that they will want to spend time in can be helpful. Made from a lightweight cotton-blend material, its a playful addition to bedroom and can be moved to hang over a bed when your little one grows up.

    Buy for $41.99 from Amazon Australia.

    7. This house-shaped bed frame β€” a cubby without the manual labour or time commitment.

    @bigwaustralia / Via

    This house-shaped bed frame is the perfect fit for a standard single-sized mattress, so your kid will get use out of it well into childhood. Encourage them to blu-tack their favourite pictures to the posts and string lights or a canopy for the ultimate personalised space.

    Buy for $199 from Big W.

    8. This plush playmat, which is so much more soothing to the eye than that garish thing your aunty gave you at your baby shower.


    It's funny β€” you carefully decorate every inch of your home, then baby comes along and with them, an explosion of bright, noisy stuff. This lovely, beautifully-illustrated play mat is made of cotton (soft on baby skin!) and comes in 10 different animal designs.

    Buy for $43.99 from Amazon Australia.

    9. This panda wall decal, for when a teddy bear to cuddle is not comforting enough for bubs.


    This Aussie-made, UV-protected (no fading in sunlight!), ultra-thin vinyl wall decal is easily stuck on β€” and removed from β€” bedroom walls. Its gorgeous, hand-drawn quality is unlike other wall decals and will be a welcome presence in any stuffed-toy enthusiasts' playroom.

    Buy for $64.95 from Zanui.

    10. This velvet beanbag cover, which is only the prettiest, sweetest seating you could put a little tush in.


    Made from soft velvet, this peach-hued beanbag cover will get your kids off the computer and snuggled for ages with their favourite books. Fitted with a dual, child-safe locking zipper, you won't have to worry about beans escaping, though your kids jump on it (despite your telling them not to).

    Buy for $89 from Temple & Webster.

    11. This mesh hammock, which will keep toys off the floor and give you back some of your precious floor space.


    My kids' toys are currently spilling out of buckets in their playroom, taking up a fair bit more space than I bargained for. Should your kids likewise claim every stuffed toy given to them is irreplaceable, get them out of your footpath with this handy corner hammock. Still have toys to spare? It comes with a complimentary toy chain, so you can string up a few, up and out of the way.

    Buy the hammock, three metal hooks/anchors and toy chain for $24.95 from Amazon Australia.

    12. This minimalist car track play mat, which will improve your child's hand-to-eye coordination (and possibly the look of their playroom).


    Should your kids play on tiles or floorboards, a rug is a good idea to protect small hands and knees. This car track mat will provide cushioning, while encouraging coordination and imagination in little ones β€” plus, unlike other similar mats, it's just so pretty!

    Buy now for $30.99 from Amazon Australia.

    13. This birds wall decal, which is both decoration and educational tool.


    Any time you can use kids decor to also teach them something is a win in my eyes. These bird wall decals are charmingly illustrated and also feature subtle names underneath, so your kids (and let's face it, you) can learn what each one is named. Best of all? They can be removed and repositioned without leaving any residue.

    Buy for $15.95 from Amazon Australia.

    14. This sweet quilt cover set with an oversized check β€” a thoroughly modern take on an old classic.


    Perfect for the tween who has outgrown love hearts or cartoon-clad bedding, this pure cotton flannelette quilt cover and pillow case will be both your and your offspring's new favourite bedding. Soft to touch and cosy in winter, the reverse side features a smaller, pink check on white background, should your child ever feel like a change in aesthetic.

    Buy a pillow case and a quilt cover for $71.97 from Zanui.

    15. This levitating moon lamp, which I'm willing to bet is more beautiful than any other light source in your kid's room right now.


    3D printing technology was used to make this remarkably accurate reproduction of the moon β€” no longer do you need to squint through your phone's blurry photos to see a full moon up close. Electromagnetic power allows the moon to levitate and spin and radiates a cool to warm light depending on your preference.

    Buy for $119.99 from Amazon Australia.

    16. This clothing rack, which is a much better way of storing all your kid's dress ups than scrunched in a box like they currently are.

    KidsKIngdondirect / Via Etsy

    This Scandinavian-inspired wooden rack can sit in your kids playroom or bedroom β€” wherever their stuff is strewn about β€” and still not clash with your home decor. Choose from two different lengths, depending on how many Frozen costumes they've convinced you to buy in the past couple of years.

    Buy for $90+ from Etsy.

    17. And finally, this gorgeous and functional play mat bag, because your kid forgot to pack up before bedtime and you don't want to delay your glass of wine any longer.

    Amazon, 3 Sprouts

    I need this in my life. So often have my kids just dumped blocks in the middle of the room, only to be unwilling to pick up all the pieces when they were done. Made from sturdy fabrication and fitted with handles, this play mat is easily folded so that it, and all its contents, are quickly moved and stored.

    Buy for $37.75 from Amazon Australia.

    Your kid, heaping gratitude on you for their new room.


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