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    11 Things To Do If You're Working From Home So You Don't Get Fired

    I'm laying on my couch at home, covered in bread crumbs right now, just FYI.

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    Ah, the much-desired, much-envied perk of working from home. We all want it, but can we all handle it?

    Fox Broadcasting Company

    I think naht.

    An unproductive homebody myself, I've gone and found tips on how to work from home (and not get fired in the process).


    You are most welcome.

    1. Set your alarm clock for the same time you would if you were going into work. I mean it.


    This especially ~schmancy~ alarm clock imitates the light from sunrise to wake you. No more blaring horns startling you out of your slumber.

    PRICE: $167.11.

    2. Get dressed in the morning, heels and all.

    Steve Madden

    Yes, really. Fight the urge to wear your trackies all day because otherwise you will 100% end up napping.

    PRICE: From $148.89.

    3. Organise your week and days in a planner pad on your desk.


    Makes it easier to schedule your breaks in, too.

    PRICE: $29.66.

    4. Go a step further and make a checklist in your notebook of everything you want to accomplish that day.


    Mine begins and ends with coffee.

    PRICE: $20.55.

    5. Set up your work area to mimic your desk in the office, making sure pens and paper are always handy.


    These Muji gel pens have a cult following among bullet journal fanatics, so you know they must be good.

    PRICE: $17.99 for 10 pens.

    6. Ensure you have the right lighting. So you can, you know, see your work.


    This lamp has not one, not two, but five different brightness and colour settings. So if you want to work under the light of a million suns, you can.

    PRICE: $46.98

    7. Sort your clutter with a desk organiser that doesn't hurt your eyes to look at all day.


    So schmick.

    PRICE: $51.09

    8. But if you must crowd your desk with stuff, make them plants.


    Research shows that indoor plants reduce stress — so stare at your bowl of succulents when fighting on the phone with Debbie from HR.

    PRICE: $8.89 for 100 seeds.

    9. Wear noise-cancelling headphones — to get you in the zone, or simply block out the world.


    Sweet, sweet serenity.

    PRICE: $138.

    10. Prepare healthy snacks in bento boxes, so you're not taking up precious time cooking in the middle of the day.


    Think carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes and slices of cheese. And throw in a bit of chocolate too, because veggies are just not going to cut it during the 3pm slump.

    Also, how stupidly cute is this sashimi-inspired set?

    PRICE: $44.99.

    11. And finally, stay hydrated with a bottle tracking how much water you're drinking — which, let's be honest, is probably not nearly enough.


    Dehydration is the enemy of energy and concentration, so fix your productivity with all the water.

    PRICE: $26.48.