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    12 Discounted Homeware Buys That Will Transform Your Dodgy Apartment Into An Oasis

    Home is where the heavily discounted homewares are.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    FYI — deals move quickly over Black Friday weekend. We’ll do our best to keep this post as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Products are in stock and prices correct at time of publication.

    It’s Black Friday weekend, folks! Over the next four days, we’ll be breaking down the bloody ripper deals Aussies can throw their wallets at.

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    Here we have our 12 best picks for domestic bliss, all at impressively slashed prices.

    1. This colourful, voice-activated smart light from LIFX that need only Wi-Fi to operate.


    Originally $68 / Buy now for $64 from Amazon Australia.

    Screws like any other light bulb, but changes the ambience in your home unlike any other. Simply download the complimentary app, connect to Wi-Fi and decide which of the 16 million colours you'd like to deck your house in. Dim, control lights individually or as groups, set timers...honestly, go nuts, there's no limit to what atmosphere you can create with these babies.

    Shop up to 30% off select home products here.

    2. This robot vacuum, so you no longer have to get on your hands and knees to reach the crevices under furniture.


    Originally $459 / Buy now for $335.50 from Amazon Australia.

    Honestly, bless the geniuses in Silicon Valley, inventing technology to make all our lives easier. If you've yet to invest in a robot vacuum, here's your sign, go get one – you won't regret it. This particular model is fitted with dual multi-surface brushes, designed to pick up everything from the smallest dust particles to larger debris. A host of sensors ensure your furniture remains unscuffed and that the vacuum doesn't drop off any stairs you might have.

    Shop 25% on select vacuums here.

    3. And while you're at it, this hand vacuum – because as great as a robot vacuum is, it still can't fly and get to your shelves.


    Originally $47 / Buy now for $36.75 from Amazon Australia.

    Valid only on Black Friday, 29 November.

    Compact and ergonomically designed (no hand cramps from ill-designed, bulky grips!), this bag-less hand-held vacuum is the ideal cleaning tool for those messes that are too wide-spread for a rag, too small for your broom.

    Shop 25% off Kambrook Kitchen Appliances here.

    4. This Jamie Oliver triple pack of saucepans that every kitchen should not be without.


    Originally $249.95 / Buy now for $124.49 from Amazon Australia.

    So my knowledge of the culinary arts only goes so far — I kid you not, I once tried to save a dish with too much salt with even more sugar – but I do know this much. Your meals are only so good as the equipment you cook them with. Never have a terrible meal again with these three stainless steel saucepans, fitted with Thermo Spot technology, which informs you when your pan is at the ideal cooking temperature.

    Shop up to 50% on Tefal Pans here.

    5. This motion-activated floodlight and camera that will protect your safe haven, whether you're home or not.


    Originally $379 / Buy now for $299 from Amazon Australia.

    Fitted with infrared night vision, dual floodlights and streaming video and audio cameras, this little legend of a device is the security guard you always wanted but could never afford. Get alerts sent to you whenever someone steps onto you property, and see, hear and speak to them from your smart device.

    Shop up to $80 on Ring Home Security Cameras here.

    6. This 6-port USB charger – to replace that bulky powerboard you've got running down the back of your desk.


    Originally $49.99 / Buy now for $37.49 from Amazon Australia.

    Only valid on Black Friday, 29 November.

    I have a massive, bulky powerboard that hurts my back to bend to and my eyes to look at. No more is this an issue with one of these babies – small enough to sit on table surfaces, it has six USB ports, so you can charge all the devices.

    7. This 65'' 4K Ultra HD LED television that would look real sweet at the foot of your bed.


    Originally $985 / Buy now for $749 from Amazon Australia.

    If, like me, your parents didn't allow screens in the bedroom, you might be biting at the bit to get a big-ass TV in your room now that you're big and grown. This pretty number's picture is built of 3840 x 2160 pixels (ie. the best of the best), and should you want, its flat panel construction means it's ideal for mounting on the wall.

    Shop all the incredible deals on electronics here.

    8. This manual garden lawn mower that is infinitely easier to move around than that bulky thing you currently have in the shed.


    Originally $129 / Buy now for $75 from Amazon Australia.

    Valid only on Black Friday, 29 November.

    This space-saver of a mower is fitted with a cylinder cut system – five curved steel blades cut your grass as you walk and a height-of-cut adjustment mechanism allows you to decide just how manicured you'd like your lawn.

    Shop up to 40% off select Bosch garden tools and cordless power tools here.

    9. This projector that will make good use of that blank wall you never got around to hanging art on.


    Originally $1697 / Buy now for $884.50 from Amazon Australia.

    A combination of laser and LED , this projector is the energy efficient projector you've been hoping for – it saves power consumption by up to 40% and can function for up to 20,000 hours without replacing the lamp. Super sharp images and brilliant colour reproduction, you'll get the call up for hosting Friday night Netflix binges on the regular.

    10. This Philips All-In-One multi-cooker that will clear your countertops by replacing every one of your appliances.


    Originally $311.61 / Buy now for $154 from Amazon Australia.

    Valid only on Black Friday, 29 November.

    So, I was never really on-board with the idea of multi-cookers. But then I discovered this one appliance can cook all of my favourite foods – I'm talking yoghurt, stew, puddings, rice, roast dinners – and finally, I saw the light. Slow cook, pressure cook and multi-cook with the one machine – and for those who are hopeless around the kitchen like me, there are recommended settings and menus.

    11. This Breville Dose Control Pro Coffee Grinder which will ensure a consistent dose every time.


    Originally $169 / Buy now for $106.59 from Amazon Australia.

    Valid only on Black Friday, 29 November.

    Ah, coffee. Can't live with it, can't live without it. I desperately need caffeine to start the day — but a touch too much, and I'm too wired up. This coffee grinder is the perfect solution. With an adjustable amount dial and adjustable razor dosing tool, it will only ever give you exactly as much coffee as you need. Plus, with 60 grind settings to choose from, you can have your daily cup as coarse or fine as you like.

    Shop 25% off Breville kitchen appliances here.

    12. And finally, this gaming chair that looks like it could solve every back problem I've ever had.

    Originally $439.31 / Buy now for $350 from Amazon Australia.

    So, if I'm completely honest, this chair does not go with my minimalist ~aesthetic~ – but with all that padding, ergonomic headrest pillow and lumbar support cushion, I'm willing to overlook that fact. Designed with longevity in mind, it leans further back then most other chairs – 180°, in fact. You almost won't mind working at your desk all day.

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