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    This Manual Breast Pump Will Save All Of Your Precious Booby Milk

    Because whoever said "no point crying over spilled milk", clearly never pumped.

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    Let's talk boobs. Specifically, lactating, swollen-with-life-giving-milk boobs.

    Whether you're returning to work, baby is sleeping longer (finally!) or you're just looking to get a few hours away by yourself, there they still are.

    Well, do I have the thing for you. Introducing the Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump, an easy, eco-friendly way of collecting that liquid gold that would otherwise go to waste.

    Use it on the breast your baby isn't feeding from to keep your other nipple from spraying milk everywhere...

    ...or use when away from bubs, so you needn't resort to hand-expressing in the work toilets between meetings.

    The wide-lipped breast shield makes pouring milk into your baby's bottle or milk storage bags easy.

    But don't take my word for it. Trust instead the thousands of mothers who love it.

    And all this convenience for UNDER $20.

    Here's to finding one more thing that will make this mothering business just a touch easier.

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