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    If You're In The Mood For Some Good News, Here Are 12 Local Stories For You

    Bloody legends, every last one of you.

    It's been a tough few weeks. There isn't a person anywhere in the world who hasn't been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

    Here in Australia, we've just come off the worst bushfire season on record, followed by devastating floods.

    But as always, Aussies are pulling through with the fighting and generous spirit we're known for. Here are 12 heart-warming and funny local stories that will make you bloody proud of this country and put a smile on your face.

    1. People are dressing up to take their bins to the kerb.

    2. A small cinema owner continued to pay his casual staff their wages for six weeks — despite not being able to screen films, as per social distancing restrictions.

    @hornsbyodeon / Via Facebook: hornsbyodeon

    David Stone, like other small business owners, is entitled to an emergency financial relief package, in order to help pay rent, electricity and other business expenses, which are now near impossible to cover due to the economic fallout from this pandemic. Rather than do this, he has chosen to spend the full amount on giving his casual staff their usual wages for the next six weeks, despite the cinema not being able to screen movies to create revenue.

    3. A local Facebook group, Adopt A Healthcare Worker NSW Regional, aims to give healthcare workers the mental and practical support that will be necessary to get through these times.

    4. Likewise, Adopt A Nan or Pop pairs seniors with volunteers who deliver basic food and toiletry items to them.

    5. Through their #TogetherInArt initiative, the Art Gallery of NSW is bringing short art classes to everyone at home, led by the most renowned of Aussie artists.

    6. Likewise, The Australian Ballet have released a digital season of their most beloved and uplifting productions — completely free.

    7. Aussie toilet brand, Quilton, donated one million rolls to those who need it most.

    @QuiltonLovesYourBum / Via Facebook: QuiltonLovesYourBum

    Like elsewhere in the world, Australian supermarkets have consistently been cleared of toilet paper. It has meant that often, the most vulnerable have gone without and Quilton wanted to do something about it. From March 24, the company worked with registered charities to ensure rolls went to the elderly, the ill and disadvantaged.

    8. People have been filling windows with stuffed animals, for kids to find on their daily walks — inspired by beloved childhood book, "We're Going On A Bear Hunt".

    9. Hobbyists are banding together to make the scrubs that medical staff so urgently need.

    10. Facebook group, Drawings For Oldies, aims to connect the art of young volunteers to Aged Care facilities, bringing joy to local seniors who are being distanced from outside visitors.

    11. Not-for-profit, Alex Makes Meals, has delivered over 2,000 meals, feeding over 600 healthcare workers for free.

    12. And last, but not least, people from this apartment block, led by professional opera singers, sang this heart-warming rendition of "I Still Call Australia Home".

    View this video on YouTube

    Ed Hayes / Haysey Productions / Via

    Tomas Dalton and Tom Hamilton performed this goosebump-inducing rendition of Australia's low-key preferred anthem, at their Waterloo apartment for their neighbours. Just watch and try not to be moved to tears.

    Have a local feel-good story? Share in the comments below.