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    14 Things You Probably Wish You'd Bought For Your Car The Day You Got Your Licence

    I'm riding solo, riding solo etc etc.

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    So, I own a car.

    Def Jam

    I only learned how to drive it a decade after I got my L's, but that's a highly relatable post for another time.

    Should you, like me, spend an obscene number of hours in said vehicle, you might want to make the best of it. Here are 14 things that will make all the difference to your ride.

    1. This boot organiser, which is the sensible way to get all the groceries indoors in one go without cutting off blood circulation to your arms.


    Unlike other boxes or whatnot that you might currently be using to store things in your car, this sturdy boot organiser is fitted with harnesses β€” no sliding around on your seats or around your boot! Sturdy frame inserts ensure longevity and the side pockets keep handy any receipts or manuals you don't want cluttering your glove compartment.

    Buy for $29.97 from Amazon Australia.

    2. This car charger, because you fell asleep before plugging your phone in last night (again).


    This compact and powerful car charger is fitted with two USB ports and an LED light for visibility at night. Pushing out a combined 24 watts of power, you'll be able to charge two devices quickly and simultaneously.

    Buy for $19.99 from Amazon Australia.

    3. This reusable grocery bag, because you've been meaning to stop paying for plastic ones every time you hit up the supermarket.

    @linhongjia / Via

    It's so pretty you'll want to use it for more than just your weekly trip to the supermarket. This bag β€” complete with an additional zippered pouch β€” comes in dozens of prints from iconic paintings, including Hokusai's The Great Wave, Mondrian's Composition and Van Gogh's Starry Night...but I can't go past Hokusai's idyllic print of blossoms and Mount Fuji.

    Buy for $15.97 from Amazon Australia.

    4. This car seat cover, because loving your dog doesn't mean loving his fur on your clothes.


    The designers of this back seat cover have thought of absolutely everything to keep your pet calm and happy on car trips. It is waterproof, scratch-resistant, padded for comfort, has a fine mesh window so you remain in their line of vision β€” plus, pockets for snacks and toys!

    Buy for $38.67 from Amazon Australia.

    5. This medical grade first aid kit, which is a much better use of your glove compartment than the manuals and receipts currently filling it.


    God forbid you ever need it, but you know the saying β€” hope for the best, plan for the worst. Packed with 210 essential items β€” including an instant cold pack, various shapes of bandages, disposable gloves and an emergency blanket β€” this first aid kit definitely deserves to take up permanent residence in your car.

    Buy for $22.99 from Amazon Australia.

    6. This sun visor-attached, sunnies holder, because I can't be the only one who always loses her glasses case.


    Where have these been all my life?! Honestly, whenever I open a glasses case β€” whether it be at home, in the car or elsewhere β€” my sunnies are never anywhere to be found. This sunnies holder not only holds up to two pairs of glasses, but can also be used to hold cards you always want within reaching grasp in the car β€” like parking tickets or your debit card for Maccas runs.

    Buy a pack of two for $12.99 from Amazon Australia.

    7. This inflatable back seat gap filler, for just an extra bit of surface when you need to take a rest on long road trips.


    This inflatable seat gap filler can hold up to 300g (!) and is suitable for most household sedans and some SUVs. Don't worry about having to use your lungs for inflation β€” it takes only two to three minutes with an electric pump connected to the car lighter socket. The flocked material on the surface is comfy, while the rear is of a waterproof, anti-dust, easy-to-clean fabric.

    Buy now for $28.99 from Amazon Australia.

    8. This car wash mitt, because you keep meaning to make time to go to the car wash, but don't.


    Made from microfibre chenille, this car wash mitt can be used wet or dry. It is scratch-free, lint-free and absorbs water and fine dust particles with ease. After washing, take it through the house β€” it's also excellent for dusting polished furniture.

    Buy a pack of two for $13.99 from Amazon Australia.

    9. This car sunshade, that thousands of Aussies are using to keep their car a bearable temperature this summer.


    I know I'm not the only one who sits down in their car in summer, only to immediately stand up again for fear of heat stroke. You could pump the air-con for 15 minutes before getting in, but that's not too energy efficient. Instead, invest in this foldable sunshade – made to fit most windscreens – and reduce the inner temperature by 10ΒΊC and the dashboard temperature by more than 20ΒΊC.

    Buy for $18.90 from Amazon Australia.

    10. This blind spot mirror, without which I would've never passed my driver's test.


    These little beauties will maximise your vision, both vertically and horizontally – no more guessing where the gutter or parking lines start. It can be pivoted side-to-side and its adhesive is waterproof and peels off without leaving a mark.

    Buy a set of two for $10.99 from Amazon Australia.

    11. This car essential oil diffuser and humidifier, which is ideal for calming that road rage you really should work on.


    Whisper-quiet, you needn't worry about this brilliant addition to your car breaking your concentration when driving. Both an essential oil and humidifier, it's advised you add a drop of eucalyptus oil to the water tank to kill bacteria and allergens in the air.

    Buy for $25.99 from Amazon Australia.

    12. These air-purifying bamboo bags that belong everywhere stink exists.


    These reusable little bags are filled with bamboo charcoal, a natural absorber of harmful pollutants and odours. They come in various sizes, but this particular one is ideal for storing in the various narrow pockets of your car.

    Buy a pack of two for $19.99 from Amazon Australia.

    13. These car hooks, because you paid enough for your handbag, so you probably shouldn't just throw it on the car floor.


    Easily snapped onto headrest poles, these sturdy, rotating hooks will clear up floor and seat space of bags or umbrellas. Lined with silicone rubber, they won't damage your car and will remain snugly in place. When not in use, you can simply rotate them for effective space saving.

    Buy a pack of four for $15.99 from Amazon Australia.

    14. And finally, this keychain car escape tool, that will enable you to cut through your seatbelt and break windows in an emergency.


    Rather than that keyring from the Grand Canyon and gym pass you never use, may I suggest this life-saving tool to hang from your keys? Compact yet bright (so easily spotted in the dark), this car escape tool was originally developed for first responders and now can be carried by every driver. A protected blade cuts through jammed seat belts and a small but effective steel spike shatters glass when needed.

    Buy for $27.97 from Amazon Australia.

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