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    14 Of The Best Fashion Buys That You Didn't Know You Could Get From Amazon

    Stocking my closet for spring without having to leave the house? Sign me up.

    1. These high-waisted, cropped and frayed-hem Wranglers, because California Blue denim will never go out of style.

    2. This fire engine red Adidas bodysuit, which is giving me all the Wildcats vibes and I don't hate it one bit.

    3. These timeless, pebble-textured boots, which paired with your favourite midi-dress or distressed denim, can be worn all year long.

    4. This darling Cooper St dress, for the party-goer who likes their eveningwear with a touch of grunge.

    5. These Le Specs frames, which will no doubt make you feel all kinds of fierce, especially on days when you need it most.

    6. These New Balance sneakers, which scream to be taken out and about now that the weather is finally heating up.

    7. This shopper tote by The Drop, exclusive to Amazon — because when you think about it, you probably don't need to be causing damage to your neck and shoulder with that oversized tote you usually carry.

    8. These Reebooks, which not only look great with everything you pair them with, but unlike low-tops, provide some welcome support to your hard-working ankles.

    9. This activewear set by Core 10, Amazon's own exclusive activewear brand.

    10. This Tigerlily jumpsuit, because party season is upon us and sometimes you just don't feel like "jeans and a nice top".

    11. This '90s-style leotard, which is so versatile (and affordable!) a look, you'll want to stock your drawers with a bunch of them.

    12. These tortoiseshell-patterned mules, because spring is here and the square-toe trend looks to be going nowhere soon.

    13. This glen plaid-print Copper St blazer, which is the alternative to solid black you've been looking to work into your 9-5 rotation.

    14. And finally, this Tigerlily linen dress, which I can see me wearing every day this spring and having zero regrets.

    You, to your reflection in the mirror:

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