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    19 Things To Buy From Amazon's Outlet Because You're No Longer Paying For Opal Top Ups

    Including Adidas sneakers, bank card-holding leggings and designer baby gear.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This wildly popular dog teddy bear, which has over 6,890 five-star ratings on Amazon.


    Buy now for $9.15 from Amazon Australia.

    I'm going to be honest β€” I very nearly scrolled by when I saw this because it looks like any other stuffed toy. Then I noticed the four-star rating with 11.5k reviews β€” why exactly, were so many dog owners invested in this thing? It turns out this bear actually has minimal stuffing (less mess!) and a knotted rope skeleton that makes it perfect for chewing. Plus, it squeaks, so you know your fur baby will be enticed to play.

    2. These iconic Adidas Gazelle sneakers, which you'll want in every colour, of which there are 22.

    @fuelyouroptimalself / Via

    RRP $130+ / Buy for $27.50+ from Amazon Australia.

    So, I never learned how to skateboard properly (big deal, considering I'm a '90s kid), but that doesn't mean I can't bask in the wondrousness that is skateboard fashion. This staple sneaker silhouette encases the shoe's patented, comfortable sockliner (good for day-long wear!) and comes in every conceivable colour, from a sun yellow to a powder pink.

    3. This Maglite torch β€” and as a longtime owner, let me tell you, you'll never need another as long as you live.

    Mariela Summerhays / BuzzFeed

    RRP $121.34 / Buy now for $69.32 from Amazon Australia.

    So, I own this bad boy and can whole-heartedly recommend it. A rotating head takes it from full power (really bright, you don't want to accidentally flash this in someone's eyes) to low or eco modes. You can create a flood or spotlight, making it the perfect tool to use when camping or to avoid stumbling around in the dark after a blackout.

    4. This 2kg Reebok medicine ball β€” because you've been too slow and now other retailers are sold out, so here's your best shot at getting fitness equipment.


    Buy now for $39.33 from Amazon Australia.

    Oh, how I miss the gym. In addition to the motivating, shouting fitness instructors, there was a whole range of fitness equipment I had access to. This medicine ball is the perfect foundation for your home gym β€” a soft, moisture-resistant surface aids grip during workouts and its weighted core is perfect for making your squats that much deeper.

    5. This Faber-Castell Pastel Colour Pencils, Set of 60 β€” because you've baked sourdough half a dozen times already and need a new self-iso hobby.


    RRP $199 / Buy now for $171.67 from Amazon Australia.

    These pastel pencils are highly pigmented, but are wax and oil-free β€”perfect for fine detail and seamless, smudged colour transitions. Buy now for your next self-iso hobby, because I know you must be over baking sourdough at this point.

    6. This Coleman Stadium Seat, to ensure your tush is always well-cushioned, so you can comfortably spectate what's happening on the field.


    RRP $24.99 / Buy for $15.90 from Amazon Australia.

    One day, we'll all be allowed out of isolation and we're going to fill cricket stands all weekend long again (I mean, not me, personally, but the rest of you lot). This water-resistant seat can be used to provide back support β€” or unfolded, as cushioning for both you and a mate. It's easily rolled up, comes in three different colours (blue, red, black) and even has a mesh pocket to keep your cold ones close at hand.

    7. These capri yoga pants, with a hidden pocket in your waistband for cards or keys.


    RRP $62.11 / Buy now for $16.24 from Amazon Australia.

    Made of four-way stretch fabrication (no holes after pilates!), these popular yoga pants are coloured with water-insoluble dyes, so you needn't worry about them ever fading in the wash. Most handy, you won't have to stress about where to store your bank cards when on your daily walk, thanks to a brilliant hidden pocket in the waistband. Still not sure? It has over 650 five-star ratings on Amazon.

    8. This Tommy Hilfiger Baby Mascot Gift Box, which is perfect for sending to the new mother in your life.


    RRP $99.95 / Buy now for $25.57+ from Amazon Australia.

    As a birth-giving veteran myself, I can tell you that one of the best things to gift a new parent are stretch cotton onesies β€” babies wet themselves an obscene number of times in those first few weeks and all too often, the contents of their nappy end up on the outside. These particular onesies come in a pretty tin gift box and feature simple nautical-toned designs β€” no frilly bits to irritate sensitive skin and snap-button closure at hem for easy dressing.

    9. This nappy backpack, which I'm filthy about not having found when my children were babies.


    RRP $119.99 / Buy now for $75.99 from Amazon Australia.

    Constructed from durable and water-repellent polyester, this nappy bag will last you through the long months before baby is toilet-trained. Insulated pockets keep milk bottles the ideal temperature for longer and various compartments keep food, toys and clothing separate from each other. Plus, it also comes in a charcoal grey. If you're looking for the perfect gift for a new parent, take it from this mother β€” this is the one.

    10. This Lention 13" Split Leather Laptop Sleeve, which looks infinitely more professional than the neoprene sleeve you're currently hauling around.


    RRP $92.39 / Buy now for $18.35+ from Amazon Australia.

    Constructed from genuine leather (easy to wipe down!), this darling laptop sleeve will keep safe 13" laptops, including the MacBook Pro, MacBoook Air and Dell XPS, with magnetic snaps to close. A soft, velvet interior lining will keep your laptop from picking up scratches when you inevitably bump it on something. Plus, it also comes in a black or tan.

    11. This extra large Outward Hound Ripstop Dog Life Jacket, helping your fur baby stay visible and safe in open water.


    RRP $79.99 / Buy for $57.68 from Amazon Australia.

    I mean, look how happy he looks. This dog life jacket features top grab handles for easy rescue and restraint, a front neck float to keep your dog's head above water and reflective accents and bright colours so you can always keep an eye on your beloved pet.

    12. This, Prey for PlayStation 4, which honestly, freaks me out a bit. I love it.

    Bethesda Softworks, @binh.p84 / Via

    RRP $49.95 / Buy now for $24 from Amazon Australia.

    Whether you're into first person shooting games or are a fan of sci-fi thrillers, this game should be the next you binge-play your way through. One of the last remaining survivors on a space station, you will gain alien abilities and an arsenal of tools with which to fight the invading extraterrestrials.

    13. This Aerobed Extra Comfort High Single-Sized Mattress, because whenever social distancing is over, you're going to want to have your mates over.


    RRP $249 / Buy now for $132.38 from Amazon Australia.

    There are few inflatable mattresses that I can tolerate β€” the plastic construction is uncomfortable and it usually deflates so much that by morning, your bum is basically on the floor. This particular mattress features industry-best quad coil construction (for ultimate comfort) and a firmness adjustment wand, meaning you can increase or decrease the firmness when lying down.

    14. These Reebok Classic Leather Trainers in Intense White β€” which though in men's sizes, anyone can wear.

    @reebok / Via

    RRP $130 / Buy now for $26.49+ from Amazon Australia.

    Premium English footwear brand, Reebok, has produced many an iconic style, but this here has to be among the most popular. Low-top design, snow white from tongue to heel β€” except for its gum outer sole β€” it's the easy pick for an everyday shoe.

    15. This Calvin Klein triangle bikini top, which contrasts a classic silhouette with a bold, branded aesthetic.

    @calvinklein / Via

    RRP $69.95 / Buy now for $13.91+ from Amazon Australia.

    Take your love of Calvin Klein's bold underwear to the beach with this triangle bikini top. It comes with removable pads, snaps-to-close at the back and its quick-drying fabrication offers protection from UVA and UVB rays. Choose one of the many colours on offer, including High Risk Red and White β€” I favour the classic black.

    16. This romantic, lace-trimmed Cooper St Myrtle Short Sleeve dress, which looks straight from the Golden Age of Italian cinema.


    RRP $299.95 / Buy now for $47.54+ from Amazon Australia.

    Oh, I just adore this dress. Illusion neckline and bell sleeves, lace overlay with romantic, little embroidered flowers and an asymmetrical, knee-skimming hemline β€” timeless. Wear with a red lip and I-spent-an-hour-making-this-look-like-I-just-woke-up bed hair.

    17. This Brabantia bread bin, which has over 1,300 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5 star rating.


    RRP $169 / Buy now for $89.95+ from Amazon Australia.

    I had no idea a bread bin could be so wildly popular. Users love its capacity to hold two loaves, its flat top (more storage space!) and its silent, smooth movement when opened. Its design allows for free air flow, so that bread is kept fresh for longer. Plus, no fingerprints show on its surface β€” should you get the white or matte steel.

    18. These Windsor Smith Mary Block Heel Boots, which were certainly made for walking (in, all day, every day).


    RRP $120.50 / Buy now for $99.98+ from Amazon Australia.

    A short, little Asian lady myself, I live in my heels and my feet suffer the consequences for it. Finally, a boot I can walk in all day. These genuine leather boots with an 8cm block heel will shape to your foot as they age β€” and in three different stains, can be counted on to suit every style.

    19. And finally, this balloon-filled ball, which makes the fun of chasing a balloon safer for your furry friend.


    RRP $24.99 / Buy now for $11.56 from Amazon Australia.

    This durable, water-resistant balloon cover allows small dogs to play with inflatable balloons with a significantly reduced risk of bursting or them chewing on torn parts. You dog will love chasing and rolling around this ball β€” it even comes with three complimentary balloons, so they can have a go as soon as you receive it!

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