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50 Things I've Learned Since August 25th

College is a crazy time, and I've learned a lot. Plus, I could use some extra credit points, so here we go.

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1. D.C. weather is the pits

2. Glenmont Go Home


3. The Metro is both a blessing and a curse

4. As are Ubers

5. Trains are really just massive, speedy fart incubators

6. Having no money is both annoying and terrifying

7. But when you do get paid, you appreciate it way more

8. Though you'll still probably have all of it spent by the time you get back to the dorm

9. Living in a dorm is different

10. Communal bathrooms were invented by Satan himself

11. Even if you already know how to do laundry, there will be a moment where you second guess if you actually do

12. Clean sheets are God's gift to man

13. Your bed is your very best friend

14. You will never want to leave it

15. You will have to leave it to go to class though

16. Set more alarms than you think you'll need

17. Any class before 12:40 is painful

18. It's ok to take a mental health day

19. Pryz food is absolutely awful

20. But Pryz fries are alright

21. And late night Pryz fries are the best

22. Pryz ice cream is best from a to-go-cup

23. But it's not really ice cream, it's frozen yogurt

24. Ben and Jerrys is worth the five dollars

25. And you can definitely eat the whole container in one sitting

26. And you won't even feel that bad about it

27. You need more sleep than you think you do

28. Pulling an all-nighter is sometimes necessary

29. But too many will definitely catch up with you

30. Drinking is fun

31. Hangovers are not

32. Holding a baby can make your day better

33. Coffee truly is the nectar of the gods

34. But sometimes it can end up making your day worse

35. Your friends at the beginning of the year might not be your friends at the end of the year

36. It's ok to switch roommates

37. Your RA is there to help

38. Sometimes you just need to call your mom

39. And sometimes you just need some ice cream

40. And sometimes you just need some Netflix

41. Always check your email

42. Just walking around campus can be really fun

43. Every time you go to the Basilica, you can find something new

44. Bus Boys and Poets has really good flourless chocolate cake

45. Dunkin' Donuts is so much better than Starbucks for so many reasons

46. You will sometimes miss high school

47. You will sometimes miss your friends from high school

48. You will sometimes miss your family

49. But most of the time, you'll be glad you've moved on

50. And finally... Michael Sullin was the assistant director of Macbeth

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