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Every Student In This High School Lined Up To Say Goodbye To Their Retiring Teacher

"It was a magical moment, truly amazing," the teacher told BuzzFeed News.

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His wife, Muriel Donnat, posted footage of the moment on Facebook. The video has been viewed over a million times in the past week.

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Numerous former students posted comments on the video thanking Donnat for his years of service.

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"Mr. Donnat, the best teacher and best athletics coach."

Donnat told BuzzFeed News, "It was a magical moment," and said he credits his students for keeping him going for all these years.

Facebook: muriel.donnat

"Best teacher and track coach. He taught me everything and thanks to him I broke records in my categories! A lot of people are gonna miss you! Enjoy, you deserve it!"

"The reason I had energy up to the very last day is thanks to my students passing it on to me," he said. "We need to change our perception of young people."

Facebook: muriel.donnat

"Congratulations and thanks to him for everything he gave us!!"

"Young people are capable of capturing emotions and spreading them with others," he said. "The most precious of gifts is what our students give back to us — their authenticity and generosity."

This post was translated from French.

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