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The Internet Loves This Rihanna/French President Fanfiction For Some Reason

"Rihancois: Forbidden Love" tells the tale of love between a Barbadian superstar and a French president. Really.

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The saga was soon to continue thanks to @sadgirlthea, who began posting a fanfic story about Hollande and Rihanna with the words: "Fanfic to come very soon!"

Twitter: @sadgirlthea

"Rihancois, a forbidden love," the graphic she tweeted out reads. "Between betrayals and secrets, can their love survive?"

Théa then posted a series of tweets with screenshots of the beginning of the story.

Twitter: @sadgirlthea

"Francois sighed and closed his computer with sadness. This was already several months that Rihanna was paying more attention to him and when he saw that she had mentioned him on Twitter, his heart jumped with joy. But this moment of euphoria was very short when he realized that it was only to tell him about this stupid project he had promised to participate in. But what to expect? A declaration of love?"


"Every time I write a new chapter, I think they won't go together at all, but the reaction from people is so amusing to me, it makes me want to continue the story," Théa told BuzzFeed News.

"In the beginning, I wanted a sad ending," says Théa, who says she's 15 years old and a student in a French-Gabonese high school in Gabon. "But in the end, I don't know how it's going to end. The end will come to me as I'm writing." She added that she's in the middle of writing a new chapter, which she'll post "tonight or tomorrow morning."

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