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    Here's The Ultimate EDC Survival Guide

    We gotchu fam. The Insomniac team gave us pointers on how to enjoy the festival to the max this year!

    1. Study The Map

    "Check out the set times to find your favorite artists but don’t forget to make time to explore EDC! There’s so much more than just the music. Art, fireworks, and carnival rides, are a few things not to miss."

    - Jake

    2. Don't Get Lost... Or Better Yet, Do

    “Providing at least three points of reference is a great way to help friends triangulate your location, ie:

    1) I’m at the techno stage,

    2) Underneath the black diamond centerpiece,

    3) Near the woke dude with the Rick & Morty totem.

    OR you could just intentionally get lost and make some new friends. Your call.”

    - Sam

    "At EDC 2009 I lost my friends at 6pm. Didn't find anyone I knew until after the show ended at 4am. One of the best nights I’ve ever had! Don’t be scared to wander off and meet new people!"

    - Leiel

    3. Portable AC

    "Two words - HAND FAN! They look cute AND they’re amazingly refreshing."

    - Desiree

    4. Comfy Feet Are Happy Feet

    "Comfortable dancing shoes will help you last all night. Blisters suck and seeing the sunrise the next morning will be worthwhile."

    - Jose

    5. Good Ju Ju

    "Positive Vibes, an open mind and an open heart. Come with no judgments – all are welcome here!"

    - Maximus

    6. Detox Dranks

    "Skip the alcohol and knock back a fresh squeezed juice every few hours to keep the energy levels up. Vitamin E-D-C, anyone?"

    - Rich

    7. Take It Easy

    "EDC is in full rage mode from sundown to sunrise for three days straight…but that doesn’t mean that you have to be. TAKE A BREAK. Sit down and take everything in. Trust me your body will thank you for it!"

    - Jazmyn

    8. Clean Fun

    "Bring good vibes and be sure to give out lots of high fives! Did I mention hand sanitizer before the high fives?"

    - Matt

    9. Shield Your Ear Drums

    "Protect your ears. Cheap foam earplugs work well but I find the more you invest into them, the better the overall sound becomes at the show. It’s your 1st rave, make sure you still have your hearing intact when you’re at your 21st."

    - Philip

    10. When Bae Doesn't Text Back...

    "Time stamp your texts! Service can be slow with hundreds of thousands of ravers Snapchatting at once."

    - Erica

    11. Pour Up (H2O)

    "Camelbak, canteen, or empty water bottle. We have over 40 free water stations on site… the thirst is real."

    - Jose

    12. Moisturize

    "Unopened chapstick. After all, EDC takes place in the desert."

    - Leiel

    13. Whip Out The Sunnies

    "Sunglasses. Essential at 6 AM."

    - Rich

    14. Power On The Go

    "Battery packs. Nothing like trying to find your friends with a dead phone."

    - Jazmyn

    15. Wet Wipes... For Those Sticky Situations

    "During the festival, someone turned around and puked all over me. I freaked out at first but really, what was I going to do? My sister came to the rescue and gave me the wet wipe-down, and a passerby offered me his tee. I just kept dancing. We were not missing Green Velvet & Claude VonStroke for anything in the world that night!"

    - Nedda

    16. Candy. Wait no... Kandi!

    "Not the kind you eat. The bracelet kind that you trade with strangers. You’ll want to have your arms loaded with plastic beads for extra rave points."

    - Erica

    17. And Most Importantly... Enjoy Your Beautiful Selves!

    "You might be wearing a suit everyday but decide to dress up like an alien, a fairy, or a bumble bee. You can be whoever you are and you’ll be accepted, it’ll be okay. You’ll actually most likely add to the experience the crazier you get."

    - Pasquale