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    Posted on Oct 25, 2017

    9 Reasons We're Stoked About Escape Halloween This Weekend

    "Escape with us, and come inside"... Sounds legit!

    1. Spooky Venue

    Josh Reiss (curiousjosh) / Via

    2017 can't get enough of killer clowns. Escape presents Psycho Circus: deranged clowns, bloody acrobats, and a night full of madness.

    2. Haunted Asylum

    Skyler Greene for Insomniac / Via

    This year’s haunted house is, quite literally, INSANE. And no special treatment! Only once strapped in a straitjacket can you begin your journey through the Mad Hatter's twisted mind.

    3. Rides

    Josh Reiss (curiousjosh) / Via

    Meet me at the top of the Ferris Wheel

    4. Music

    Insomniac / Via

    It's lit, fam! Bring your dancing shoes and don't miss out on the various mix of artists and music this year, from Deep House to Trap music, Moombahton, EDM, and some good ol' Dubstep.

    5. Stages

    Insomniac / Via

    Insomniac always comes through with the dopest visuals. Bounce from Slaughterhouse, Ghoul's Graveyard, The Chopping Block, and Cannibal's Tea Party to catch all the amazing sets.

    6. Zombie Totems

    Insomniac / Via

    The Raving Dead, with special first appearance by Forest Rotella.

    7. Food

    White Rabbit Truck / Via Instagram: @whiterabbittruck, Afters / Via Instagram: @aftersicecream, Spicy Pie / Via Instagram: @ilovespicypie

    So much NOM. Unleash the foodie in you and indulge in all the tasty options this year.

    8. Art

    Insomniac / Via

    Gotta get those group photos in front of Instagram-worthy background!

    9. Costume Party

    Doug van Sant for Insomniac / Via

    HELLO, it’s Halloween people! Don’t bother showing up unless you’re covered in face paint, decked in glitter, or struttin’ matching group outfits #squadgoals

    See you there, my pretties!!

    Set times are up! Time to plan your spooky Escape weekend.