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9 Reasons We're Stoked About Escape Halloween This Weekend

"Escape with us, and come inside"... Sounds legit!

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2. Haunted Asylum

Skyler Greene for Insomniac / Via

This year’s haunted house is, quite literally, INSANE. And no special treatment! Only once strapped in a straitjacket can you begin your journey through the Mad Hatter's twisted mind.

7. Food

White Rabbit Truck / Via Instagram: @whiterabbittruck, Afters / Via Instagram: @aftersicecream, Spicy Pie / Via Instagram: @ilovespicypie

So much NOM. Unleash the foodie in you and indulge in all the tasty options this year.

9. Costume Party

Doug van Sant for Insomniac / Via

HELLO, it’s Halloween people! Don’t bother showing up unless you’re covered in face paint, decked in glitter, or struttin’ matching group outfits #squadgoals

See you there, my pretties!!

Set times are up! Time to plan your spooky Escape weekend.