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If "Game Of Thrones" Was An Animated Series, It May Look Like This

And it is good.

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Franco-British creative studio Blackmeal created the awesome Game of Thrones animation.

Called "Game of Thrones, an animated journey," the short video spans iconic moments of the HBO series' four seasons from Bran's fated climb in season one to the Battle of Blackwater Bay to the infamous Red Wedding.

The animated tribute acts as a promo for #gotseason5 albeit one not affiliated with HBO. (At least, not yet.) There's no dialogue in the video, but show composer Ramin Djawadi's ominous "A Lannister Always Pays His Debts" accompanies the spoiler-filled images.

Blackmeal / Via

From Blackmeal:

What better inspiration could we find than the sensational Game Of Throne[sic] TV series and books! “Game Of Throne[sic]: an animated journey” is a video tribute focusing on art direction, rhythm and storytelling.

This isn't Blackmeal's first romp into fantastic fan film land.

Blackmeal / Via

They also crafted an homage to Marvel in a short entitled "Marvel Balls." The less than a minute video was even screened at the Toronto Animation Arts Festival International in 2013.

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