Game Of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 Recap In Gif Form

gif Recap of Game of Thrones episode “And Now His Watched Is Ended”

Oh Jaime, oh broken Jaime.

Um, wasn’t expecting major backstory and characterization from Varys.

But I was pleasantly surprised—my main man Varys. Not gonna lie, he’s in my top 5 favorite characters of this whole thing.

What the fuck was up with that greendream with Bran and Jojen?

I read somewhere that Cat’s “PROMISE ME” might relate to “Promise me, Ned” which is interesting…especially if we could one day see that in a dream/flashback.

Pod—still sexiest man in King’s Landing.

The Sept looks AMAZING!

Cersei’s approach to feminism is interesting. Outwardly she accepts the patriarchy even to feminist queen Oleanna but inwardly languishes against not being taken seriously just ‘cause she’s a female.

Who wanted Joffrey killed off right then and there? Oh that’s right, everyone.

Theon is KILLING me. Alfie Allen is just SO AMAZING I can’t STAND it.

“My real father lost his head at King’s Landing. I made a choice, and I chose wrong.”

Go FUCK yourself Ramsay. I see your crazy eyes at last.

Now Brienne/Jaime is gonna REALLY kick off.

While I totally appreciate the characterization in the Cersei/Tywin scene, I’m not gonna lie I was preoccupied by trying to read Tywin’s letters.

Varys and Oleanna play off each other beautifully.

I’m actually taking notes on how to be like them. Role models.

Speaking of role models, MARGAERY.


GODDAMMIT Burn Gorman!

And now his Watch is ended.

Let the Sam-Gilly hour commence!

Really, the more Sandor, the better, so I’m loving this cave shit.

Dany you did not disappoint.

Also, I’m really diggin’ High Valyrian. And I kinda wanna learn it.

25. Next Week:

Cave scenes! Robb is BACK! And did I mention CAVE SCENES?!

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